Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Absurd Logic of Progressives Re: Plan B Contraceptives; Same Twisted Logic Applies in the War on Terror; How Will History Judge Us re: Gosnell?

Jihadist Woman Wishes Her Sons Could Be More Like Those Tsarnaev Boys...The Onion

  • 2012 Statistic: 41% of children are born out of wedlock in the United States.  Of those 73% are black, 53% Latino and 29% white. Child Trends . 71% of poor families with children are not married. Census. The numbers are much higher in urban areas.
  • If you have not heard the news yet, the Food and Drug Administration said it would allow the Plan B one-step contraceptive to be sold over the counter to girls as young as 15.
  • After reading that news, I couldn't help thinking of how absurd that is. Excluding the obvious health risks from STD's, other scenarios popped into my very small brain. For example, I envisioned a 15 year old girl going into the pharmacy with her 17 year old boyfriend (who can't wait to bang her) and purchasing Plan B. But, like many couples, they like to have a cigarette after sex. Unfortunately, both are not old enough to legally purchase smokes.
  • Hey, no big deal. He says to her, after we have sex, we'll go to a movie. So after having sex for several days (of course, he told her he does not need a condom since she is now on Plan B. Yeah, but what about safe-sex? He tells her he's clean. She does the same. They continue banging for several more days).
  • They finally make it to the movie theatre (a tad tired). They approach the box office to purchase tickets for the 10 pm show. Unfortunately for her, the movie is R rated. She's not allowed---by law---to watch that film.  No big deal, she can go back to his house (a guy she's only known for about a week) and get it on for several more days. After all, she's on Plan B and her parents don't need to know a thing.
  • Absurd? Perhaps. But there are reasons 15 year olds are not permitted to drive a car, go into the military, purchase alcohol, etc. It's simple. It's because most 15 year olds are friggin stupid.

  • Last week, Eric Holder spoke to the Anti-Defamation League. Holder, long known for twisted logic, said to the group that anyone who discriminates against Muslims will be punished. He never mentioned anything about Jihad Muslims who have this annoying habit of killing innocent people with bombs.  But what are the stats from his own Justice Department? Well, in 2011 alone, there were over 1,000 documented incidents of anti-Semitism in the United States. And how many acts of assault, vandalism, etc. against Muslims, Sikhs and Asians? There were 800---over a 12 year period.
  • Regarding the Gosnell case, I leave you with part of a letter written by Bob Halis to the NY Post today: "We look back in horror...during the Jim Crow lynchings, segregation and slavery...We ponder the Nazi camps. How could this be? But we accept the wholesale homicide of babies...History will not be kind to us. Monsters walk among us while we are silent."