Monday, June 17, 2013

Obama Administration Facing A Crisis Of Trust and Confidence

According to Gallup Poll, Pres. Obama's approval rating dropped to 45%. Luckily for Obama, he has "impeachment insurance." It's called, "Joe Biden."..Leno

  • As with many polls that have come out in recent weeks, CNN's current poll is not good news for Pres. Obama. In fact, in just one month, his approval rating has fallen 8 percentage points to 45%. In addition, 54% do not approve of the way he is handling his job. More disturbing for Obama, there was a 17% drop among those under 30 years of age, a demographic he once had a strong hold. Along with African-Americans, the young voters were his most loyal. Not any longer. 
  • These numbers point to one conspicuous fact: Most of the nation does not trust this administration. As many of us (including moi) might say it's about time these people took the train to Realtyville, it's clear the scandals are having an impact.
  • It's having an impact because it appears the very first response from this administration regarding all of the scandals is to either stonewall, coverup, lie or all three. Even many of the "low-information voters" are beginning to understand this.
  • I believe this can be summarized with what Peggy Noonan wrote this week: "The NSA is only one of many recent revelations and events that have the ability to damage the ties Americans feel toward their country."

  • Some weeks ago, I wrote a piece entitled, "Leading from Behind = A Leaderless Nation."  We're now witnessing the implications of that type of failed leadership.. In fact, many observers believe it's worse than "leading from behind." We're now seeing references to Obama acting like a "Bystander-in-Chief." For example, with everything that has been going on, the president is on track to have 18 fundraising to date and eight in just the last several weeks.
  • In fact, it's getting so bad that even Bill Clinton came out last week and said---referring to Obama's Syrian policy or lack thereof---"You'd look like a total wuss" if you don't come up with some type of strategy in that crisis.
  • But the Obama administration is not alone in this crisis of trust and confidence. The most recent Gallup Poll reports that only 10% of Americans have any confidence in Congress. That's the lowest number EVER recorded for any institution in polling history (by the way, the top ranked institution? The American military at 76% approval rating).
  • Perhaps former Apollo 13 astronaut was right when he recently said, "Now, we go nowhere" referring that America is not longer achieving big things.