Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Media Begins Parting The Seas For Hillary Clinton Whose Record Of Incompetence Is Breathtaking

"Hillary Clinton said she finds the administration's refusals to level with the American people troubling, but she finds it somewhat nostalgic."...Leno

  • CNN announced plans to do a documentary about Hillary Clinton in 2014. Not to be outdone, NBC also announced plans for a Hillary Clinton miniseries. But it does not end there. Rodham is also in the planning stages according to Deadline Hollywood.
  • Last May, I wrote a piece entitled, "Hillary Clinton Is Already Being Cloaked In Bubble Wrap." It was entirely predictable. Like six years ago, Hillary was anointed to become the next president. But she encountered one big problem: a young and attractive black candidate in Barack Obama. The rest is history.
  • With Pres. Obama's reign ending in three years, the media---as they did with Obama---has already begun parting the seas for a Hillary presidential run. During the 2008 campaign, one couldn't go to any major bookstore chain or supermarket and not see countless covers on magazines and books of Obama and/or Michelle Obama or both. The same will happen with Hillary. In fact, just last week, USA TODAY ran a piece editorializing that Hillary's age should not be a factor. After all, they pointed out correctly she will be the same age---69---Reagan was when he became president. Last May, she was actually awarded The Warren Christopher Public Service Award. How convenient. Reminiscent of Pres. Obama's Peace Price.

  • Yet, all of this will begin even though her record is dismal as both Senator of NYS and as Secretary of State. Her "greatness" and "smarts" will be promoted when there is little evidence of both. Several months ago, Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer (not exactly a conservative rag) wrote, "Clinton produced no diplomatic breakthroughs nor any strategic doctrine...She has no major foreign policy success" as Secretary of State.
  • Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote of Hillary last March: "Where is the record of accomplishment, let alone greatness?" Rubin also reminded the reader that Benghazi occurred on Hillary's watch. In fact, during this period, several Congressional commissions found the State Department was riddled with systemic failures including poor leadership. In other words, the commissions were kind not to accuse her tenure as grossly incompetent.
  • In fact, if anyone needs more evidence of her total failure as Secretary of State, you have to look no further than what's happening in the Middle East and N. Africa, especially Egypt.
  • Her tenure as New York Senator was not much better. Gov.track.us pointed out her senatorial record was meager. In addition, she missed 10% of her votes while the average was 2% among all senators.
  • In my March piece entitled, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton," I wrote this: "So as we approach 2106, watch how cleverly the presstitutes in the media (including Hollywood) start conceiving the fairy tale regarding Hillary's legacy."It has begun.