Monday, July 29, 2013

The Arrogance and Lawlessness of the Political Class

"The president's highest priority is to exploit resentment." Jonah Golberg

Note: Since this was posted last July, we now know Obama lied about Obamacare. We also know the political class---largely Democrats---also lied. They knew millions of cancellations would result. They knew it 3 years ago.
  • Earlier today, I was thumbing through some hard-copy newspapers and news feeds on line to get that "spark" for another editorial, I came upon Obama going on yet another vacation. As I've written about in the past, presidents---perhaps more than others---deserve a vacation or some "down time." However, with Pres. Obama, it's getting a tad ridiculous coming just weeks after an African trip and vacation that reportedly cost up to $100 million (The White House Dossier reported Obama's vacations cost taxpayers $20 million prior to the African trip. Those included $4 million Hawaii vacation).The Vineyard Gazette is reporting the Obama's are staying at a $7+ million resort with his security detail taking up at least 70 rooms. The paper reports the room rates at the resort range from $225 to $345 (which appears to be a deal compared Al Sharpton's $1000/night rooms).
  • This got me to thinking about the arrogance and lawlessness of not only Pres. Obama and his administration but also the political class---this includes BOTH political parties.  We saw this arrogance on display again when the president and Jay Carney, his press spokesperson, referred to the many scandals as "phony."

  • We're currently witnessing this type of arrogance from the likes of Anthony Weiner (former Congressman) and Eliot Spitzer (former NYS governor), both disgraced politicians who are running for office again. That's arrogance with a poke into the eyes of every New York voter.
  • Perhaps one of the clearest examples of this arrogance and lawlessness was Hillary Clinton's comments regarding Benghazi when she said in her testimony: "What difference, at this point, does it make?" Her comments place the "phony" comments by the administration in more perspective. As I've written many times before, the political class likes to keep flipping Americans the bird.

  • Sen. Harry Reid, perhaps one of the most miserable pricks to ever sit in the Senate, held up the federal budget for over three years. That's arrogance.
  • Or his counterpart in the House, Nancy Pelosi, who infamously stated, "We have to pass the bill {ObamaCare} so that you can find out what's in it." Arrogance!

  • This is a Congress that still has Charlie Rangel as one of its members.
  • Last year Pres. Obama made several National Labor Relations Board recess appointments. The administration was warned those appointments were probably unconstitutional. A federal appeals court agreed.  The WH disagreed with the court's ruling.
  • In June, Pres. Obama signed an executive order bypassing Congress that allowed over 800,000 illegal immigrants to remain in the country without fear of deportation. While that order might not have been illegal, it was arrogant. In fact, so arrogant, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents (ICE) sued their own agency for not allowing them to fully identify and deport illegal immigrants. And Obama has more plans with regard to amnesty.

  • This is also the president who ridiculed the Supreme Court to a national audience during his 2010 State of the Union. Arrogance! 
  • This is the same administration that used the IRS to target it's political adversaries. Lawless?
  • When it comes to ObamaCare---now law of the land---many legal experts believe even the waivers granted by the administration is an example of lawless behavior. For example, as in ObamaCare, once a law if passed and therefore binding, where does the executive branch gets it power to relieve the certain Americans of their legal obligation to obey it?

  • This is the administration and Congress that still has not held anyone accountable for Fast and Furious and Benghazi. That's arrogance of the highest order. And with Fast and Furious, it might also be lawless (after all, people have been killed by those '"lost" guns and at least one of our border agents was murdered by one of those guns). In fact, Eric Holder was held in contempt for his refusal to hand over documents to Congress regarding the Fast and Furious scandal.
  • Time's Mark Halperin wrote in 2010---in 2010---the following: "The White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working class voters." It's clearly evident not much has changed in the last three years.
Postscript: Since this was posted, we now know the lies of Obamacare were intentional per: Gruber. In addition, Obama by-passed Congress re: immigration.