Monday, July 1, 2013

Political Correctness Infiltrating The Pentagon + How The Obama Administration Conned Young Adults

"Progressive Charter School Doesn't Have Students." The Onion

  • In my previous post, I made a claim that political incorrectness takes guts (take a few moments to review that post and my justifications for that claim).
  • So why is the Pentagon so gutless? Last week, it was reported that Gitmo is riddled with political correctness just to allay the "feelings" of Islamists scumbags. For example, did you know that prison officials were persuaded to stop raising the American flag anywhere it can be seen by the prisoners? Keep in mind. Gitmo is an American military base. Did you know that guards at Gitmo are not permitted to handle the Koran only a Muslim librarian is allowed to touch the book (everyone gets a copy, but Bibles are not permitted)? Did you know that prisoners have several choices of halal meals. And, after they eat well, they have access to a $750,000 soccer field. But it does not end there. Two new construction projects have been approved (Hey, didn't Obama promise he would shut this place down?). The projects include a $10 million legal complex where prisoners can consult with their attorneys. The other project is an $11 million medical facility. Hoover Institute, NY Post

  • And last week, it was reported the Obama administration met with Sheikh bin Bayyah at the  White House on June 13.  So who is this guy? He is the top lieutenant of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual advisor Quradaw, who exhorts followers to kill every last Jew. He sanctions suicide bombings and the killing of our soldiers. He also supports stoning gays to death.  In fact, last year, another Qaradawi associate, Hisham al-Talib, was welcomed to the White House. He also happens to be a member of the SAAR Foundation and the International Institute of Islamic Thought. The FBI and Homeland Security believe SAAR laundered money to violent Muslim terrorist groups, from Hamas to al Qaeda. The Investigative Project on Terrorism via Michelle Malkin

  • Young voters overwhelmingly voted for Pres. Obama. But I betcha they didn't know he would turn his back on them. Last week, I wrote a piece about ObamaCare sticker shock. Little did I know I was right but I might have underestimated. Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that insurance costs could double, even triple under ObamaCare. And who will carry most of the burden? Young adults.

  • Also today, USA TODAY reports that outstanding student loans now exceed $1.1 trillion.  It's so bad that young people are putting off purchasing homes, cars and are putting off getting married.  In other words, as the piece points out correctly, "Rising tuition costs and an anemic job market are feeding this vicious cycle." (By the way, as I've written on several occasion, tuition in our colleges and universities is one of the biggest scams in America today. Over the last decade, tuition has increased from 7% to 23% depending on the institution).
  • So when our government says to us "Trust Us," keep in mind it's the last two words Native American heard before they were herded into reservations and blacks were herded into rat infested projects.