Friday, June 28, 2013

The Courage of Political Incorrectness or The Cowardice of Political Correctness

In Major Gaffe, Obama Forgets To Dumb It Down...The Onion

  • Political correctness can be dangerous as evidenced throughout history. For example, in 1930's Germany, it was politically correct to condone violence against Jews. In most Communist countries, their citizens were required to tow the "party line."(Hence, the infamous "re-education camps in Cambodia and Vietnam in the 1970's). And we know what the outcome of that philosophy was---it resulted in the murder of millions. The same can be said with Islamists today. For example, Christians throughout the Islamic world are being murdered every day (our media generally neglects to cover that news, because it's politically incorrect according to them).

  • So I believe it comes as no surprise when I proclaim those who are politically incorrect are the individuals and groups with courage and guts to go against the "party line."
  • I often wonder what the civil rights environment would  be today if it wasn't for Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others if they weren't politically incorrect. After all, at one time, segregation was politically correct.
  • I often wonder what the old Eastern Europe would look like today if its courageous citizens weren't politically incorrect.

  • I wonder if the Ft. Hood massacre could have been avoided if our military and government had not ignored Hassan's political and religious ideology for politically correct reasons.

  • I often wonder how many reputations would not have been ruined if it was not for political correctness as evidenced in the Duke Lacrosse cases, the Tawana Brawley hoax and so many other similar cases.
  • And I believe we're watching the same phenomena playing out with the debate on climate change and illegal immigration.

  • The examples are countless. But one outcome is very clear. Political incorrectness leads to freedom and liberty. Political correctness, on the other hand, limits and restrains liberty and freedom. Charles Heston once described political correctness as tyranny with manners.  And in too many cases to list here, it kills.
  • So grow a set and be politically incorrect. It will set you free.