Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Anemic Response To Islamists Contributions To Peace--One Christian Body At A Time

"If Islam is a 'religion of peace,' it's time to show the evidence to the endangered Christians of the Middle East," Ralph Peters


We've heard on countless occasions that Islam is a "Religion of Peace." If it is, they have a strange way of showing it. Almost as disturbing has been the virtual silence by most of the Americans media and our administration (including much of Congress) on Islamists murdering Christian throughout the Middle East and in parts of Africa. With few exceptions (NY Post, USA TODAY and FrontPage), most of the news about Christians being murdered by Islamists is coming from the foreign media and bloggers. It's time we alert Americans to this on-going holocaust against Christians. 
  • Boko Haram is a Islamic  Jihadists  terrorist organization that has murdered well over 1000 Christians in Nigeria since 2009. International Christian Concern
  • In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood targeted Christians throughout the country. Most recently, many Christian Coptic churches have been burned. This past July a Coptic priest was kidnapped and murdered. Financial Times 

  • "In scattered locations across Egypt, mobs of hard-line Muslims...attacked Christian homes, business and church buildings." The Morning Star News
  • Last week, pro-Morsi protesters set fire to the Virgin Mary Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Raymond Ibrahim
  • Thriving Christian communities in Iran, Turkey, Mecca and Medina have been gone decades ago (including Jewish populations).
  • "Since Morsi's Ouster, Violence Has Been Escalating Against Copts." USA TODAY
  • Islamists thugs attacked a school operated by Franciscan nuns in Bani Suef (upper Egypt) a few days ago and raped several teachers and abused the nuns. The nuns were paraded through the grounds as if they were POW's.  Asia News
  • In 2010, an Afghan court ordered the destruction of the last Christian church remaining in the country. Hoover Institution
  • Since American forces pulled out of Iraq, half of the country's Christians have left. It is estimated that over 2 million Christians lived in Iraq a decade ago (located largely in Mosul and Tikrit). Todays there are less than a million. NY Post
  • Christians are being targeted and murdered by Islamists in Syria. Just this past weekend, 11 people were murdered, mostly Christian, in central Syri. Voice of America
  • Last year, pro-government forces in Syria murdered almost 200 Christians in one week as well as burning down churches. Priests have also been killed. Catholic Communications, Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia.
  • Last April in Nigeria, during Easter Week, Islamists raided several villages and murdered up to 80 Christians many were children. In addition, over 200 homes were burned as well as eight churches. Church in Chains: Irish Voice for Persecuted Christians.
  • Churches have been demolished in Indonesia. Morning Star News
  • "The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has again declared that it is 'necessary to destroy all churches in the region.'" Gatestone Institute (Note: a Grand Mufti is the highest official of religious law).
  • Last October, a gunman killed 46 in the Nigerian town of Mubi. But, before he opened fire, he first asked them if they were Christians. He told those who were Christians to deny Christ. Those who refused were killed. The previous January, 13 Christians were killed in the same town while holding a town hall fellowship meeting. Morning State News
  • Since 9/11/01, there have been almost 22,000 recorded attacks carried out by Islamists world-wide. These attacks were against Christians, Jews and other Muslims. The week of August 10-16th of this year, 53 Jihadists attacks have been reported resulting in 351 killed and 1016 critically injured. That's just one week. The Religion of Peace.Com
I can continue to list hundreds of additional attacks by Islamists against Christians and others but it would take me several weeks to document each one.

One more point. While there are many Muslims who do not support these attacks upon Christians and minority groups, an important question must be asked of them: Where are Muslim defenders of religious minorities? By not expressing outrage at this on-going genocide, their silence---in my opinion---makes them complicit to these crimes.