Friday, September 13, 2013

My Response To Putin's Op-Ed: Yo Putin! FU! America Is Exceptional

The White House Has A New Slogan: "Hope + Let The Russians Fix It." Leno

  • Please note. What I'm about to write will expose some of my deep bias toward Putin + Russia. As an American of Polish descent, I have a deep rooted distaste for the Russian overloads during the period of Communism in Eastern Europe. I also personally experienced their repression.
  • In May, I wrote a piece about the Obama administration's crumbling credibility. I followed that with a piece about Obama losing his legacy with his first bow and apology. It's for these reasons and more I believe Putin wrote his NY Times Op Ed. As I indicated yesterday, he---like all politicians---is an opportunist and the opportunity to bash America's exceptionalism fell right in his slap with the Syrian fiasco.
  • It was also interesting to listen and watch many of our nation's progressives embrace much of what Putin had written in that Op Ed. And that's why, in many respects, his piece was brilliant if not full of garbage, lies and hypocrisies. He knew full who his target was and they fell for it like a bear to a bee hive.
  • The only response from the administration came from Jay Carney, Obama's press spokesperson when he said it was ironic Putin used America's freedom of expression to get his message out---freedoms not generally granted to many in Russia. It was a good reply, but Obama failed to respond himself.
  • So I feel that I should reply for President Obama  to this former Commie KGB thug on behalf of the greatest exceptional nation in the history of the world.
  • As I wrote yesterday, Putin suggested the United States should get UN Security Council authorization knowing full well Russia has veto power and used that veto power multiple times in the past. In addition, it was Russia, then the USSR, who enslaved all of Eastern Europe during the Cold War, invaded Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1958. More recently, Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and Chechnya on two occasions.
  • Putin also made the erroneous statement that Russia is not supporting Syria when we know they have provided arms to the Syrian government (Russia is also an ally of Iran who is a major arms dealer in that region).
  • This former KGB thug has a cajones to say millions around the world do not view America as a model of democracy. This from a guy who got re-elected twice in Russia with little opposition since he had cancelled elections.
  • This former KGB thug and his enablers appear to have forgotten that American exceptionalism  helped free much of the world from totalitarian dictators, created some of the best technology on the planet, helped millions starving around the world,  helped many of those same millions by eradicating and/or diseases such as malaria, AIDS and provided assistance (financial as well has humanitarian) to those areas struck by hurricanes, tsunamis, and other weather catastrophes (I can already envision progressives responding to this part of my piece with the usual wrangling about racism, the 1%, etc. etc. If they experienced Communism, they would kiss our ground every day).
  • By comparison, the only thing the Russians have been better at than America is suppressing the very freedoms we cherish.
  • Yes, if the progressive political class in America embraced exceptionalism, Putin could not have written that Op Ed earlier this week. Sen. McCain was right on this point when he Tweeted, "Putin's NYT op-ed is an insult to the intelligence of the American people." At least---most Americans Senator.