Monday, September 16, 2013

Summing Up Obama + Kerry's Syria Plan: Assad Remains In Power + Gets Away With Murder

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  • In the run up to our responding to Syria's use of chemical weapons, we heard Pres. Obama draw a "red line." We repeatedly heard statements from the White House that "Assad must go." Just last August, the Obama administration vowed to punish Assad for his use of chemical weapons. We also heard from the likes of Pelosi and others in the political class that a response was warranted because hundreds of children were killed by the chemical gas attacks (they didn't say anything in the last two years about the thousands of children killed by conventional weapons). Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Putin appeared to save Obama from his own rhetoric. 
  • Last week, we finally got a deal with Syria regarding their chemical weapons. In short, the agreement requires that Syria list all of the chemical weapons they currently possess. By November of this year, all chemical weapons sites are to be inspected and to be eliminated sometime in 2014. The policy of "Assad must go" appears to have been abandoned and leadership in this process is now being led by Russia. As Amir Taheri wrote in the NY Post today, "In the blink of an eye, Obama has shrunk into second fiddle to Putin."
  • When you read this agreement closely (what has been released to date), Assad remains in power. He also gets to keep his chemical weapons for a year. This makes sense for Russia since they support Assad and want him to remain in power.  In addition, nothing was agreed upon regarding Assad's continued murdering of his own people and the millions of refugees created by this crisis. For that matter, nothing was said about the Syrian rebels---many if whom are affiliated with terrorist organizations and are also murdering innocent people---especially Christians.
  • So what are WE left with?  We've signaled to the rest of the global thugs out there---like Iran---they should have no fear in continuing to develop their nuclear program. The global, murdering thugs like al-Qaeda now can be more comfortable in their safe havens.
  • Taheri also pointed out that Russia, Iran and China are evolving into a "Eurasian NATO" while the US-led NATO is paralyzed by the Obama administration's foreign policy. In other words, we just might be witnessing a global strategic retreat by the United States. With that comes the perception of weakness and further loss of credibility by the U.S. in the eyes of the world, a world composed of many, many evil nations and terror groups.
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