Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Obama: A Bully Domestically; Spineless, Weak + Aimless Internationally

I've lost some weight. I'm on the new Obama diet. Every day I let Vladimir Putin eat my lunch...Leno

Note: Since this was posted, we know what Putin just did this week.
  • Before I begin my piece for this posting, I feel compelled to report on the most recent developments regarding ObamaCare. With the news surrounding Syria and the Navy Yard incident, you might not be aware of these developments. Warren Buffett, who had been an early advocate of ObamaCare, no longer supports the law. He actually called for scraping the law saying, "What we have now is untenable over time." In addition to Buffett, several unions---including the AFL-CIO---learned that ObamaCare will be highly disruptive to their membership's health plans. They too were early supporters. More recently, almost every poll shows the law is exceedingly unpopular with the public. Just yesterday, USA Today's poll reported the public is not sold on ObamaCare.  You can also get more information about ObamaCare on my June 20, 2013 posting, "ObamaCare Sticker Shock."

  • The Obama administration is taking some well deserved heat for the president's speech on the economy yesterday while Navy Yard was still an active shooting scene.  In fact, even Congress closed shop early as well as many schools in the immediate area. But if that wasn't enough, the president's speech was hyper-partisan {he said some Republicans are actually "decent."}. To put it more bluntly, the nation witnessed the president of the United States giving a parochial speech as 12 government workers were murdered in his own backyard.
  • This behavior supports my earlier claims that this president is a bully when it comes to domestic policy and his political opponents but spineless, weak and aimless when it comes to his foreign policy as evidenced recently with Syria.
  • Recall he bullied the Supreme Court on national television during a State of the Union speech. He bullied Arizona regarding their immigration laws. His administration bullied the Catholic Church and he even bullied the press. These are just a few of many examples.  Yet, when it comes to standing up to thugs like Russia's Putin, he folds like a cheap umbrella (refer to several of my previous posts in the last week).
  • Perhaps the Obama administration's feckless foreign policy was best described in political cartoon showing J.F.Kerry responding to a reporter: "The deal relies on Russia which has been arming Syria to stop arming Syria...And on trusting Assad to provide an inventory of his chemical weapons...Which he has always insisted do not exist...What could possibly go wrong?"
Postscript: Since this was posted, we've seen the same approach toward dealing with ISIS. And now Iran.