Friday, October 18, 2013

A Challenge To Obama Administration Supporters: What Do You Like About....?

The Economy Is Just One Speech Away From Recovery...The Onion

With the news today that more people have signed on to go to Mars than have signed on at the ObamaCare exchanges, I thought it might be time to challenge the 37% of Americans who still support Pres. Obama (the good news? Many are wising up regarding Congress. Its approval rating is 5%. In other words, taking into consideration the margin of error, no one in America approves of Congressional performance). While many of Obama's supporters are low information voters who are more interested in the ballooning of Kim Kardashian's ass, there are many Obama administration failed policies that directly affect them.

So this is my challenge to those to those Obama supports. What do you like about...

  • An ObamaCare failed computer rollout that cost taxpayers---YOU---over $500 million? In fact, USA Today reported this morning the entire web site may need to be rebooted because the site was built with 10-year-old technology. That's like building a radio today using transistors. In other words, when this is all said and done, the web site might costs American taxpayers about a billion dollars. Admit it. Even you have to either be crying or laughing your ass off right now.
  • This week a "whopping" one person finally signed up in Delaware, about 800 in several states.
  • An ObamaCare economy that is also directly responsible for creating largely part-time jobs (of the jobs created last fiscal year, almost 80% were part-time)? The ObamaCare casualty list grows larger ever day.
  • A health care law---ironically called the Affordable Care Act---that is raising health care premiums by well over 100% in many states and 200% in several states? Heritage Foundation
  • A health care that is directly resulting in hundreds and thousands of layoffs nationwide. Again, in USA Today recently, almost 42,000 health care workers have lost their jobs most directly attributed to ObamaCare?
  • A government that has admitted targeting American citizens by using the IRS and NSA?
  • First time unemployment filers averaging in the 350,000 range each WEEK? (last week, spiked to 366,000).
  • An unemployment rate still over 7% with African-American unemployment double that?
  • A foreign policy that CREATED more problems in Syria, Egypt, Libya and other parts of the Middle East and N. Africa? (Throw Russia, N. Korea and Iran in the mix too)
  • Benghazi?
  • Fast and Furious?
  • A poverty rate of 15% or about 47 million people living in America with historical high poverty rates for children?
  • Gitmo still open for business? (First Obama promise broken).
  • Obama's failed promise of bringing American together? (difficult to do when he and his surrogates refer to their political opponents as racist, terrorists, arsonists...).
  • The nation's massive debt of over $17T that will certainly damage future generations including your own children?
  • Billions wasted on failed green energy initiatives? (that's your money wasted yet again).
I leave you with this list although I could fill up several more pages. However, if you still support this administration's policies with a record such as this one, then you deserve what you get. And don't whine about it. You help create it.


Since this was written, the Obama administration admitted they had no strategy against ISIS. And Ebola was transmitted to another American in America for the first time. In addition, another scandal arose within the VA.