Monday, October 14, 2013

The Progressive Political Class Plunges Into Madness

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  • If there is one truism in government, it's this. Progressive Republicans always attempt to appease Progressive Democrats. They believe the Democrats will suddenly like them. Inevitably, Progressive Democrats then stab those Republicans in the back. Sen. McCain learned that lesson on countless occasions as did Pres. Bush. It's for this reason few conservatives trust the progressive political class regardless of party affiliation.
  • Groucho Marx was to have said, "Those are my principles. Well, if you don't like them, I have others." As I wrote some months ago, that quote describes the state of the Republican Party today. The Progressive Republican Party could not even beat an incumbent who had one of the worst records in American political history. It's bad enough conservatives have to deal with Progressive Democrats. It's even worse when they have to battle with Progressive Republicans.

  • It's also been clear when Republicans adhere to conservative principles, they can win elections. Pres. Reagan was proof of that even in the face of the progressive onslaught from his OWN party. Reagan triumphed because he believed in limited government power over the individual. He believed national security is a national priority. He believed in supporting our military and our veterans. He put his full support behind the free enterprise system and warned us about creeping Socialism.  As important as all of these principles are and more, he believed in American exceptionalism.
  • Progressives, on the other hand, either never learned that lesson or prefer relying on the failure of progressive principles. Thomas Sowell once wrote, "Barack Obama's rhetoric of 'change' is in fact a restoration of discredited ideas that originated 100 years ago." He was referring to the two leaders in the progressive era: Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.
  • Today, we're witnessing the assault by Progressive Republicans upon conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Both senators are proving to be a threat to the progressive political class. Both have not only been attacked by Democrats, but they've been attacked by Sen. McCain and Rep. Peter King especially prior to and during the government shutdowns. What makes these attacks disturbing is that both McCain, King and other Progressive Republicans benefited from the conservative victory in 2010. Yet, last March, after several Republicans like McCain and company exited the White House after having dinner with Pres. Obama, the first thing they did was attack Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
  • It's becoming increasingly clear why Progressive Republicans fear conservatives and others like Ted Cruz---Cruz is becoming more successful in reaching out to conservatives. In fact, King himself said recently, "We can't allow 40 or 50 people to hijack the Republican Party." If I had the opportunity, my response to Peter King would be: they are not hijacking the Republican Party. You are losing the conservative wing of the Republican Party.
  • This fact is clear.  Ted Cruz and other conservatives are trying to take the controls of the aircraft now piloted by Progressive Republicans before the plane plunges into madness.