Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obamacare: The Straw That Broke The Administration's Back

Terrified Obama Trapped Inside Website...The Onion

  • Several months ago, I made the claim that the Obama administration "jumped the shark" largely due to the many actions taken by the administration during the government shutdown, e.g. keeping WWII vets out of their own memorial is just one example. In addition, the statements he made during the Syrian fiasco---drawing a red line and then spinning his rhetoric trying to convince us he didn't actually set a red line.
  • It was during the government shutdown when Obama's poll numbers began tanking below 40% approval. At that time, Republicans were not faring any better. Their poll numbers sank as well, and there were many reports about the Republicans panicking. If you recall, Ted Cruz and other Tea Party conservatives were taking hits from the Republican establishment or as I often refer to as Progressive Republicans.
  • That's the point when the Obama administration started losing its mo-jo. But I believe the straw that finally broke the administration's back were the reports of the lies associated with the Obama administration trying to market Obamacare.
  • And nowhere is this more conspicuous than in the most recent CBS Poll---yes, a presstitute's polling. A new CBS Poll reported that only 7% of the American public want Obamacare to "stay in place." A total of ninety-three percent (93) believe changes are needed (48%) or want the law repealed (43%). To add insult to injury for the Obama administration, only 12% of DEMOCRATS want the law to remain as it is.
  • This week the Congressional Science Committee held a hearing with Internet security experts. With absolute and unqualified certainty, everyone of the security experts testified of the numerous security vulnerabilities in In fact, there is evidence that the web site is already under attack by hackers. Keep in mind the website requires personal information such as your birthday, your social security number and household incomes.
  • Even The New York Times, a rag that's had its head up the administration's ass for five years, went from referring to Obamacare as an "overblown controversy" and saying that Pres. Obama simply "misspoke" to now accusing the Obama administration of "falsely promising" insurance retention (add physician retention to that too).
  • All of this and more (Benghazi, IRS, NSA, targeting journalists, etc) added straws to the administration's back in the last five years. But now, it appears one straw---Obamacare---broke it.