Thursday, January 16, 2014

Progressives + Media Obsess About Bridgegate But The American People?---Not So Much

Hey Girl! Are You Chris Christie? Because You're Boobs Sure Stop Traffic...#NJPickUpLines Tweet by David Burge

  • Quick! What major bridge did Occupy Wall Street block? Don't know. Then look it up. It will point out the complete absurdity regarding this entire episode. For all those critics out there who don't know: The George Washington Bridge has insane traffic almost 24/7. Even with three closed lanes, it still has almost a dozen lanes left on both levels. From personal experience, while growing up in the Bronx decades ago, the GWB always had annoying traffic before the second level was built in the early 1960's. In other words, the additional lanes made little difference. One of the main reasons has to do with the inbound lanes bleeding into the Cross Bronx Expressway, a perpetual parking lot. One still makes sure there's a empty bottle in the vehicle to pee in when the crossing the bridge inbound. 
  • Let's put the truth on the table regarding this entire Bridgegate episode. As I wrote in a previous post regarding this ridiculous "scandal" last week ("When You Embrace Progressives and Presstitutes, It's Like Feeding A White Shark Out Of The Cage"), I quoted John Noble of Breitbart who pointed out the real reason for the media's predatory behavior while Christie was still in the middle of his press conference: "Media wants Christie to stop {talking} so they can go on CNN and MSNBC and continue to destroy him."
  • But pull up on those reins for a moment. During the height of the presstitutes  perseverating on Bridgegate, guess what strange phenomena was taking place in the rest of America? Pew Research reported that the public paid little attention to the alleged scandal. Their polls found out that 44% of the public were more concerned about---the cold weather. That was followed by the economy at 28%. So how many Americans paid attention to Bridgegate?---a whopping 18%. And it didn't end there. Pew also found out that the public views of Christie were largely unchanged. OOOPS!
  • So why do they (the presstitutes and progressives)  want to destroy him?---Only one name comes to mind: Hillary Clinton. As I've also written about in the past, the media and progressives have been wrapping Hillary in bubble wrap for years. She continues to be the presumed front runner for the Democrat nomination in 2016.
  • In addition, Bridgegate became another convenient distraction from the other scandals---Benghazi comes to mind. And we know why (Hint: Hillary Clinton). It was also a convenient distraction from the bombshells reported in the scathing book by former defense secretary Robert Gates. He reported that Pres. Obama had little faith in the Afghan surge he ordered himself. Gates also pointed out that the president was "hostile" toward his own military leadership. Quite frankly, none of that should have surprised anyone. But it was important and significant coming from such a highly respected defense and Beltway insider as Gates.
  • John Podhoretz of the NY Post summed this entire episode well: "Christie may be entirely innocent of any wrong doing...But there will be little let up now...For in the end, because Christie is a Republican, Christie isn't them." Just as I wrote several days ago. When you embrace progressive Democrats and you're a Republican---the outcome will not be the one you had hoped it would be. That's a lesson many Republicans appear to have a difficult time learning.