Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Was Right: Obamacare Is A Hoax + The Media Has Been Complicit In Perpetuating The Hoax

Obama: ACA is settled law. Will somebody please let Obama know? Tweet by Rich Zeoli of 1210 AM, The Big Talker

  • Like many critics, I've written a number of posts on Obamacare or referencing Obamacare in the last five years. But perhaps the one I believe was certainly on point was a piece I posted last October entitled, "Logic, Reason, Data + Facts Show Obamacare Is A Deliberate Hoax." I stand by that piece today. In fact, I believe the long list of delays and waivers in the past year reinforce that claim. Just yesterday, the Obama administration delayed---yet again---the employer mandate provision that requires businesses with 50-99 employees either provide insurance for their workers or pay a penalty. That mandate has been delayed until 2016.
  • At that time, the news broke that the White House knew millions of Americans would not keep their health insurance even though they kept telling us otherwise. As we now know, the Obamacare website and its rollout were also a complete disaster.
  • Some critics believe the delays are to help Democrats who supported Obamacare survive the next two election cycles. There's certainly some truth to that assertion. After all, most polls still show that Obamacare is not held in high regard by most Americans. But the problems go deeper than that. Millions have lost their health insurance in the past 4 months. Physicians and hospitals have been opting out of the program. Many health care provider plans don't qualify for Obamacare hence leaving many people in Obamacare limbo. Millions of Americans are finding out their deductibles have skyrocketed. The unavoidable physician shortages are already occuring. The government has no idea how many people have actually paid for their insurance coverage in the exchanges. There are serious concerns about the backgrounds of many Obamacare exchange navigators (some have been found to be convicted felons). Horror stories abound throughout the country regarding non-coverage of people with cancer and other serious diseases. Companies have been dropping health insurance plans due to rising health care costs directly attributed to Obamacare.
  • Using logic, reason, data and the marketplace, the delays and waivers should not have been a surprise to anyone. The outcomes we are now witnessing were inevitable. The product sucks. 
  • Obamacare is proving to be a monumental hoax. The question we should be asking is why have many in the media been complicit in this hoax? They---above anyone else---know that a lie is forever.