Friday, February 7, 2014

The Progressive Political Class Are Geniuses At Running A Confidence Game

Psychiatrist Patiently Listens To Obama Complain About Every Single American...The Onion

  • I normally like to take Fridays off from posting, but I was inclined write today for one reason only. Namely, it's become increasingly clear over the last several years that the Progressive political class are geniuses at running a confidence game on their own supporters.
  • About a week ago, I wrote a piece about New York City becoming a petri dish for progressive policies because of the election of Bill de Blasio as mayor of the city. As NYC papers reported several days ago, the murder rate in NYC spiked during de Blasio's first month in office.  But since that time, he made several more disturbing decisions. For example, he proposed a $210 million cut to charter schools---the very schools that serve largely minority and low-income students.
  • It didn't end there. He also appointed his wife, Chirlane McCray, as chair of the Mayor's Fund To Advance New York City---as if out of a city of 8 million people there were no others more qualified.  In so doing, he insisted his wife would be guided by "progressive values." Talk about oxymoron's!  But the con game continued. Mayor de Blasio's also hired, as his chief of staff, a woman who was a long time aid to the fake, phony and race-baiting thug, Al Sharpton. Perhaps we should let the OWS crew know she'll be making $170,000 a year.
  • But the confidence game continued. De Blasio also hired a senior adviser to direct public-private partnerships. That person just happened to have worked on Hillary Clinton's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign. Yes, Hillary was a U.S. Senator at one time but no one can recall any achievements during her tenure.
  • Keep in mind that de Blasio is just a part of the bigger picture. Pres. Obama was able to con his own voters---twice. A large majority of blacks---many poor---voted overwhelmingly for Obama yet the unemployment rate among blacks remains in double digits. In fact, in Chicago alone, the unemployment rate for black youth now stands at a disturbing 92%. We already know the fate of many young voters who voted for Pres. Obama.
  • Over the last five years we've seen this con game played with Obamacare, the debt ceiling debates, the government shutdown and host of other issues.
  • Nevertheless, progressives do an outstanding job in running a con on their own voters as well as on the nation as a whole. Like bunco artists, they gain the confidence of their victims and then rip them off. Unfortunately for those who continue playing this game, it's a game they cannot win. Just ask the millions of residents in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and many others run by progressives.
Postscript: Since this was written, Gruber proved Obamacare is a con.