Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Even Perceived Geopolitical Weakness Invites Thugs Like Putin To Rattle Their Sabres

We're studying which of Obama's phony accents will be most effective in talks with Putin. We're leaning toward the "Southern Preacher" thing...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • "For five years, Pres. Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality."
  • That was the first sentence from a piece by The Washington Post not from any conservative media source. But before any reader believes a progressive publication like The Washington Post is coming around, think twice. In the last five years, it's been their complicity in this administration's hyper-incompetence that has led to the situation we find ourselves domestically and now internationally.
  • Remember---in the middle of this current crisis and in most of the Middle East---it was this administration that's proposed we return to the levels of military strength prior to WWII (it was also in the 1930's when the Allies paid little attention to Hitler's aggression. The outcome of that foreign policy failure was over 50 million dead). In 2009, it was the Obama administration that scrapped the missile defense system that defended parts of Eastern Europe.

  • And now we have a former KGB thug who appears powerful only because the President of the United States and much of the EU appear weak. As Amir Taheri, a conservative expert on international terrorism, wrote recently: "Putin may look strong when facing the weak. But he is no more than a tin-pot despot increasingly contested in his own land." 
  • The fact is the we've seen behavior like that of Putin and others in the past largely because American leadership appeared incompetent and weak. Jimmy Carter conveyed weakness and it resulted in the taking of our embassy staff by the Iranians. And if anyone doesn't think the attack on Benghazi and our failure to apprehend those responsible had some kind of effect on Putin's thinking, they're naive.  In addition, our failed responses to what's going on in Syria and Egypt also projected a weak foreign policy.
  • This is also not the first time Putin flipped America the bird. Russia helped Edward Snowden last year and then trumped us in Syria.
  • The fact is even perceived geopolitical weakness invites thugs like Putin to rattle their sabres. Those same thugs will always try to fill in a power vacuum. Putin is doing precisely that now.