Monday, March 3, 2014

During Oscars, Former KGB Thug Putin Asked Obama: Do You Want Mustard On That Soft Pretzel?

Putin imposes his will despite the Ukrainian people's objection. Who does he think he is, Obama? Tweet by Jay Carnie

John Kerry windsurfing to meet with Putin in Russia

  • In the past, I've made several observations regarding the foreign policy---or lack thereof---of the Obama administration. I also made the claim that America lost its stature in global foreign policy when Obama made his first bow.
  • This administration's spineless foreign policy has consequences. We've seen it played out in Egypt (the myth of the Arab Spring). We've seen it played out in Syria (Obama's red pen came with an eraser). We've seen it played out with Iran and it's nuke program (they basically told us to take a hike). And now we're seeing it played out in the Ukraine. Or as Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote this weekend: "Only Obama and his ship of fools were surprised {at Putin's actions}."
  • And keep in mind, our foreign policy rests on the flaccid rhetoric of John F. Kerry whose proving to be as feckless as many of us all believed.  It reminds me of an old Leno joke: "I've lost some weight. I'm on the new Obama diet. Every day I let Putin eat my lunch."  Or perhaps, a Turkish tour guide recently said it better, "I used to think of the U.S. as a big superpower. Now, I just think of it as a big country."
  • All of this and more is the price our great nation is currently paying for a weak foreign policy. The irony in all of this is that Pres. Obama and his progressive enablers act as bullies when it comes to domestic policy as evidenced by the IRS, NSA and more recently, the FCC. But when it comes to standing up to foreign thugs like Putin, they fold.

  • In the past, the United States was feared by its enemies. It was also respected throughout most of the globe. And yes, it was hated by the likes of al-Qaeda and other terrorist thugs. The terrorist thugs still hate us (even though that was suppose to change with the election of Obama according to most of the media), but we are also less respected and less feared. That's dangerous for any superpower, and it's just as dangerous for the rest of the world.
  • Jonathan Tobin of Commentary magazine said it best today: "The cost of Obama-style weakness and isolationism will not be cheap, either for US allies or for an American people who must now understand what it is like to live in world where no one respects or fears their government." If you don't believe that allow me to refer you to pre-WWII Europe and America. We're repeating the same mistakes they made then.