Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Progressive Political Class To Americans: You Are All Stupid + You Stink Too

The cost of flying the Obama's to their Hawaiian and African vacations is $16 million. That figure does not include long-term parking...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • In my last post about Sen. Harry Reid, I referred to him as the most miserable prick in Congress. I also commented on the fact that he makes stupid statements on a regular basis perhaps only surpassed by Slo Joe Biden, Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. Regardless, it's probably a push. As I pointed out in that post, it was Reid who said of the tourists visiting Capitol Hill, "You can always tell it's summertime because you can smell the visitors." In other words, to Reid---we stink.
  • Nevertheless, it didn't take long for Reid to show his complete ignorance and idiocy yet again. Yesterday, he blamed Obamacare cluster fucks on "people not educated on how to use the Internet." Of course, everyone knows the Internet is a new technology. It's only been around for public use a tad more than 25 years. 

  • Sarcasm aside, his statement about the Internet reflects his total lack of awareness even when it comes to the publicizing of Obamacare and the Internet. As many know by now, the Obama administration has been targeting and engaging  young Americans to sign up for health care (someone has to pay for this garbage)---the exact demography that has absolutely no knowledge of a world without the Internet.
  • Not long ago, I also wrote a piece emphasizing the fact that the Obama administration and the progressives need a nation of knuckleheads to exploit. In fact, as evidenced by Obama's winning the last two elections, these people are geniuses at doing just that. But, as the Obama administration and the political class are learning each day, even the useful idiots and knuckleheads are waking up from their long coma. The polls on Obamacare, on the Obama administration and on Congress are tanking faster than MC Hammer's career. 
  • That's why it should surprise no one that Pres. Obama decided to meet with Pope Francis today. The knucklehead strategy is on display again.  Obama and his supporters are hoping some of the Pope's universal admiration, affection and inspiration rub off on Pres. Obama---considering the world is no longer genuflecting to him.