Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton The Perfect Progressive Politician: Good At Nothing; Bad At Everything

Hillary Clinton Reveals Zero In Non-Candid, Tell-Nothing Interview...The Onion

In March of last year, I wrote: "As Democrats, progressives and most of the presstitute media drive the fairy tale and myth surrounding Hillary Clinton's accomplishments, the question arises: Will it work if she decides to run in 2016?"  Well, 2016 is a heartbeat away, and it appears she's making her move. Just as disturbing, she has a ton of supporters (especially in the media) who already started enveloping her in bubble wrap. So that leads to yet another question: Will it work?

We already have a president who was able to dodge the "lack of accomplishment and experience" charge. And history can repeat itself as it does so often. But there is one big difference. Hillary does have a record. It's just that her record sucks---big time. Let's take a brief trip through this fairy tale.

  • As many Americans now know, Hillary Clinton and her State Department refused to brand Boko Haram a terrorist organization even though the organization's history is replete with terror largely upon innocent civilians (my previous post summarizes their history).
  • Her record as Secretary of State is---quite frankly---a disaster. Of course, Benghazi comes immediately to mind, and it will be interesting to see what other information will be revealed by Trey Gowdy's committee. We already know the administration lied and deceived Americans in an apparent cover-up defined by incompetence and a plethora of systemic failures before, during and after the attack on the consulate. Hillary Clinton was in charge at the time of the incident. Throughout her tenure as Secretary of State, our foreign policy was floundering (not much has changed under John F. Kerry either).  The lack of coherence and direction in foreign policy has been breathtaking under both administrations in State. But under Hillary, even the left-leaning rag, The Philadelphia Inquirer, had to admit: "{Hillary} Clinton produced no diplomatic breakthroughs nor any new strategic doctrine...She has no major foreign policy success." And the Washington Post, another left-of-center publication, asked: "Where is the record of accomplishment, let alone greatness?"
  • To add more to an already vapid record, Jennifer Rubin, again of the Washington Post, pointed out Secretary Clinton's failures in the Russian reset, trumpeting the false impression of al-Qaeda's decimation, poor relationship with Israel, calling Syria's Assad a "reformer," and down-playing human rights violations.
  • In reviewing Clinton's foreign policy, The Heritage Foundation (a conservative group) summarized it well: "America's position as a superpower is being weakened by Pres. Obama and Secretary Clinton's failure to stand up to tyranny...An administration that chooses to appease evil rather than confront it will ultimately decline in credibility both at home and abroad." That statement was written four years before Putin's move into the Ukraine.  And what more can one add when we now see what is going on in Syria, Egypt and other hot-spots around the globe. The evidence is overwhelming. In foreign policy, Hillary Clinton was a failure.
  • But it didn't start with foreign policy. It started with her tenure as Senator from New York State. Once again, her record is sloppy and almost non-existent. Gov.trac reported her record of accomplishments as senator was "trifling." In fact, during her entire tenure, she missed 10% of the votes. The average rate among all senators is 2%.
  • So what we're left with is the perfect progressive politician: Good at nothing; bad at everything.
Postscript: Since this was posted, Clinton's email and fundraising scandal was exposed. So add this to Travelgate, Whitewater, missing Rose Law Firm records and countless more.