Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Progressives And The Politics Of A Warped Ideology

"If America was a house, the left would root for the termites."...Greg Gutfeld of The Five

  • If anyone needs evidence that progressivism is a warped and dangerous ideology, one needs to only look at what's happened in America in just the last 6 years. While the history of the damage caused by progressive policies goes back decades, it's actually not even necessary to look back that far. And if anyone really wants to do that, I'd refer them to review the state of American cities run by progressives for the last 4-6 decades. With few exceptions, most are a total disaster. The failure and pain of progressive policies in those cities is well documented and written on the faces of its residents. Of course, the pain and misery imposed on its citizens is not specific to America alone. A review of the history of Russia, Eastern Europe, South America and many parts of Asia reflects decades of great distress and discomfort in the wake of this shameful and sometimes even deadly ideology.
  • There's always one consistent fact that runs through this warped ideology. In short, those who promote it have one thing on their agenda: it's a desire to control everything. And this is largely done by divisive techniques in both actions and thought. They divide the world into those who they perceive as being "exploiters" versus those who they perceive as being "victims." This runs through progressive ideology like a thread through clothing. It's inseparable. The ideology cannot exist otherwise.
  • And, as we've witnessed in just the last six years, the ideology is maintained by the use of lies, deception, corrupting the language, offering up false prophets (very similar to creating a cult-like mentality), identity politics (flashing the race card), intolerance (tolerant as long as you only agree with their ideology and agree with their opinions), uniformity in diversity or political correctness (we see that promoted on our college and university campuses today) and a complicit media---a media I often like to refer to as "presstitutes." 
  • How often have we been lectured about giving individuals a choice, but the choice does not extend to what schools you might want to attend, what foods you might want to eat, what light bulbs you might want to use,  what healthcare you might want and even what weapon you might want to own.
  • And we've seen all of this play out like Broadway theatre.  Last week, I referred to it as "trickle down incompetence." We're currently observing this in the scandals associated with the VA medical centers. Unfortunately, this incompetence by the progressive political class is not only limited to our health care. It's running rampant throughout our culture especially in many of our treasured institutions like education and even in our military (we saw this first hand right after the Ft. Hood shooting. There was a plethora of evidence the military and the FBI knew about the shooter's disturbing past but didn't do anything largely because they didn't want to offend him based on his religious background).
  • As we've seen with the VA scandal, the system worked for everyone but the patients. With progressive ideology, it's much the same. It works for the benefit of the bureaucracy not for most Americans. Unless, of course, you happen to be a politician. Then its Nirvana for the very few.
Postscript: With the recent Gruber revelations, we've now witnessed deception, arrogance and profiting from both. And Obama's latest immigration ploy proves this again.