Monday, June 9, 2014

Obama Administration's Leadership: Nothing Inspirational; Nothing Hopeful

A big shout out to the investigative news program 60 Minutes for looking the other way on all Obama scandals for the 286th week in a row...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • It's now undeniable---even if Obama supporters are still in denial---that the Obama Administration's leadership is short on inspiration and hope. Perhaps nothing was more of an example of this than the tedious, dull, depressing and widely panned speech the president gave to the West Point cadets last week. You can refer to my May 29th post entitled, "Obama's West Point Speech: Cadets Were Left Asking Themselves---WTF?"
  • The evidence of this lack of inspiration and hope is not only specific to the previous 6 years of this president's tenure, but developments in just the last two to three weeks alone reinforces this claim.
  • We now see a VA scandal that's even worse than first reported. In addition to the multiple deaths of veterans awaiting medical care (18 more reported in the Phoenix VA), CBS is reporting today that almost 60,000 vets waited more than 3 months for medical appointments. AP reported that almost 9000 vets were awaiting appointments at Florida VA medical centers. Similar stories are being reported throughout the country. Even more disturbing, there are now reports that supervisors at the VA centers encouraged schedulers to falsify appointment dates to make them look shorter. It's becoming increasingly clear that a conspiracy existed where many VA employees colluded to falsify information. We know this because the bonuses and promotions were given out to those implicated in this conspiracy.
  • Just two weeks ago, the administration decided to free some of the worst Taliban commanders at Gitmo in exchange for Bergdahl. Take a moment to read my June 4th post entitled, "The Taliban Prisoner Exchange Is The Mother Of All Blunders For The Obama Administration."
  • We are also learning that tens of thousands of illegal immigrants---many of them children---have been crossing our southern borders. Federal officials have taken these children from Texas and dumping them into Arizona. According to Gov. Brewer of AZ, the Feds told her they have no plans of stopping this practice. It's so bad down there that FEMA has been called in to assist. It's estimated 60,000 "unaccompanied minors"---children under 18---will enter the U.S. illegally this year. In other words, the illegal immigration activists are now using children of illegal immigrants to "overwhelm" our immigration system. Can you spell "anarchy?" The administration has now called this a "humanitarian situation," a situation they created.
  • And the economy is still in the toilet as almost 93M Americans have dropped out of the workforce. While there has been job growth, it's been in the direction of minimum wage jobs. As John Byrne pointed out so well in the NY Post this past weekend: You can make $30K a year or $130K a year but, in the new economy, there is nothing in-between. In other words, the middle class is being screwed big time---what's left of it. He points out that today there are almost 2M fewer middle-class and higher wage jobs than there were before the recession as the population has grown by 7%. 
  • The Obama administration's foreign policy has been conspicuous by its absence with the exception of appeasing every geo-political thug on the planet.
  • Michael Barone in his aptly entitled piece this weekend, "Team O Giving Big Government A Bad Name," summarized all of this well: "Barack Obama came to office determined to expand government and confident that Americans would like it. Instead, ObamaCare, the sluggish economy and now the VA scandal have tended to discredit big government more than any abstract argument could."
  • Folks, hope left town 6 years ago and hopelessness moved in.