Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Obama's Poll Numbers Tanking To Lowest In His Presidency---So Why Is He Still Smiling?

"...And unless Democrats begin to put duty over loyalty to Obama, America as we know it is headed to a point of no return."...Michael Goodwin, NY Post

  • In October of last year, I asked the question: How much more pain, misery and dysfunction will Americans tolerate from this government and administration? At the time, we were in the middle of sequestration and reports first surfaced about the backlogs at the VA. In addition, WWII vets were barred from entering their own memorial. Ninety million were out of the workforce (now almost 93M). The Obamacare rollout was proving to be a total cluster f*ck. And the IRS scandal broke a few months earlier (at the time, we didn't even know about the 2 years of lost emails). Since that posting, almost everything the Obama administration touched turned to crap.
  • As Obama's poll number sank to lower depths than those of George W. Bush at the same period in their presidency, there are some in the media---including a few presstitutes---who are proclaiming his presidency is over. The WSJ/NBC polls reported 54% of Americans do not believe Obama is able to lead the country compared to 42% who said they think he can. His approval rating on foreign policy now stands at a pathetic 37%. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows the reasons for his decline. As referenced above, it's been a record of hyper-incompetence.
  • So why is Pres. Obama still smiling as he and his surrogates continue to lie openly to the American people? One part of this poll should answer that question. When asked if the Obama administration is responsible for the failures of the VA, only 14% blame the administration. In other words, even though veterans died awaiting their government health care under this administration, Obama still gets a pass by those Americans polled. Moreover, this president was elected TWICE even though his record was abysmal. Wouldn't you be smiling knowing full well flipping people the bird day after day still leaves them begging for more pain and abuse?
  • But he's not concerned about his poll numbers because he's fulfilling the one promise he made during his initial campaign---directed largely at his progressive base---to transform America. As rational folks fully understand most of this administration's policies hurt the country and the American people, Obama's promise of transforming the government and making it even larger is succeeding. You must understand this most important point: for Obama supporters loyalty to him and progressive principles and policies will always trump duty to one's country. 
  • So allow me to take you back to the point I made several paragraphs earlier. If progressive Obama supporters were really concerned about the care given to our veteran warriors---to individuals who spent some part of their lives defending this country---wouldn't more than 14% blame the Obama administration for the VA's dysfunction? For God's sake, this is an administration that just released the worst of the worst terrorists (including the murderous thug who now runs ISIS) and 42% of people polled still believe in this president.
  • Don't forget. He's also facing a spineless Republican Party.
  • Wouldn't you be smiling if you keep kicking people in the ass---and they keep coming back for me?