Monday, June 23, 2014

The Obama Administration Is A Reflection Of The Creepiness Of Progressive Ideology

It's a beautiful thing when the IRS can destroy all evidence of wrong doing, then use as a defense that there's no evidence of wrongdoing...WH Press Secretary Tweet (formally Jay Carnie)

  • I often ask myself how creepy does one have to be to still support the policies of this administration as well as those of progressive politicians. After all, even though the Obama administration's poll numbers are in the toilet, anywhere from 37% to 45% of the American population still show some support for the administration albeit much softer support in the last year. Nowhere was this was this more apparent than in the most recent Gallup Poll. It showed that former Pres. George W. Bush is now six points higher in favorability than Pres. Obama. Ouch!!!
  • There is no doubt that all the scandals of this administration are now eating away at even Obama's favorability. And I suspect two scandals are largely responsible. Namely, the VA and the IRS scandals reached that threshold of tolerance for most reasonable Americans. By and large, Americans still hold the military and veterans in high regard. As Jonah Goldberg pointed out in a recent piece: "The VA scandal can be boiled down to the fact that VA employees are the agency's most important constituency." In other words, many in the VA have forgotten who they are suppose to serve. And the same can be said of the IRS. With the IRS it's just as disturbing. Their sins show they are more prone to target Americans purely for political reasons in addition to protecting their own interests. 
  • At the fringes (even though these are not fringe issues) the pervasive lawlessness from changing the health care law on numerous occasions to the most recent issues surrounding our immigration policies have awakened more Americans to the realization: this shit has to stop.
  • Yet, for me and I know for most other Americans, it's creepy to know that there are actually people living near or around us who don't appear to have problems with an administration and Congress that don't follow the laws of the nation---laws they've created. For that matter, the oath of office all presidents take stipulates they "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Along with a complicit media, many of these people blindly follow an ideology maintained and supported by the use of lies, deception, identity politics, intolerance, political correctness and openly defying the separation of powers under the United State Constitution. 
  • And mind you, these people have profited from all of these transgressions. After all, the Obama administration was voted into office---twice.  Of course, it's more difficult to rely on a justice system to make corrections considering the pervasive odor of corruption that emanates from those government bureaucracies. 
  • And while the current polls show promise that Americans appear to be fed up, I can't shake the thought that there remain so many Americans who continue to allow themselves to be conned. That's creepy.
Postscript: since this was posted, Gruber showed us yet again how the Obama administration conned its supporters with Obamacare. In addition, the Obama administration decided to by-pass Congress again re: immigration. Iran, Russia and China keep flipping the Obama administration the bird.