Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Taliban Prisoner Exchange Is The Mother Of All Blunders For The Obama Administration

"One sure sign that Pres. Obama is losing his edge. His lies are being exposed almost as soon as they come out of his mouth."...Michael Goodwin, NY Post

While the narrative continues to be played out regarding the exact nature of Berghdal's case, it's clear the exchange for these particular Taliban is one of Obama's biggest blunders. We know this for several reasons including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Administration sources and spokespersons---including those in the complicit media---are now trying to discredit the vets who knew and served with Bergdahl. The term "swift boating" has already been raised.
  • More Americans now know that the five Taliban prisoners released were some of the worst terrorist held at Gitmo. In fact, all five were considered a high risk.
  • Susan Rice was sent out to defend the prisoner exchange. And, like her defense of the administration with Benghazi, her narrative is full of holes.
  • The administration did not expect this negative reaction to the prisoner exchange. One pundit even said they expected an opposite reaction. To their surprise, many of those who served with Bergdahl are now providing a different account to that of the administration.
  • Hillary Clinton is distancing herself from this entire episode.
  • CNN reported that radio chatter that was intercepted indicated Bergdahl was trying to contact the Taliban. The UK Daily Mail went further. In 2010, they reported a captured American soldier was training Taliban fighters. Wikileaks cables appear to reinforce that report.
  • Pres. Obama said the released Taliban thugs would be "monitored" while in Qatar. The day following their release, a Qatari spokesperson said they would have no role in watching over them. Keep in mind that Qatar has long been a source of support for terrorists.
  • When asked if these five terrorists he traded for Bergdahl could take up arms again against Americans, Obama replied, "absolutely."
  • The parents of some of the American soldiers killed while allegedly looking for Bergdahl are livid that they were never told the true nature of how and why their son was killed. Reports indicate anywhere from 6 to 12 were killed in their rescue attempts.
  • Bergdahl's background is raising some red flags. Reports surfaced that he wished to join the French Foreign Legion (he was turned down) as well as becoming a mercenary.
  • Legal observers have indicated this deal was illegal since it violated a 2013 law barring the release of any Gitmo prisoners unless the president gives Congress a 30 day advance notice. Surprisingly even some Democrats and media pundits agree the law was violated.
  • All of this news comes on the heels of the VA scandal as well as last week's outing of our CIA station chief in Afghanistan.
It's now clear the issues surrounding this prisoner exchange are far from settled. But it does appear to be the mother of all blunders by the Obama administration.

Postscript: Since this was posted, Bergdahl has been charged with desertion. In addition, two of the Taliban released are wanted by the UN for war crimes + one was a close associate of Osama bin Laden.