Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Thoughts, Some Questions And Perhaps Some Answers

HR Sends Out Reminder Email About Not Scrawling "Revenge" In Blood In Conference Room...The Onion

With all that's happening in the world today, I find myself often confronted with a plethora of thoughts, questions and---on occasion---some answers. Just wondering how many of you feel the same way:

  • Where the hell are all those anti-war folks? Proves-once again-most were (are) fake, phony and frauds. During the Bush administration, it was never about being anti-war, it was about being anti-Bush. 
  • Celebrity culture has a huge contingent of people who are anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment but you would never know it by the films and TV shows they produce.
  • Have you noticed that the heroes to progressives include many homicidal maniacs and dictators like Che, Castro, Chavez, Hamas and now even ISIS? In fact, I did a little research. There's actually a store that caters to Che items. They sell 2.6 million tee shirts a year.
  • Why did Pres. Obama ignore the threat of ISIS when he knew about their actions for more than a year? The same can be said for Boko Haram. Oh, yes, most of those young girls Boko Haram kidnapped are still missing but haven't seen Michelle and celebrities post too many hashtags lately.
  • If I learned anything in my lifetime, it's this: it's much easier to get into wars than to get out of them.
  • Has any "journalist" ever asked Obama and many Democrats why they lied about Obamacare? 
  • Also, if Obamacare is the answer, why are there so many Americans still uninsured? USA TODAY estimates that there are still about 30 million Americans uninsured.
  • Is VA care for vets improving? Haven't heard too much in the last month.
  • Whenever Donald Trump talked about running for president---did you laugh like I did?
  • Anyone ever ask anyone in the mains stream media (the presstitutes as I prefer to call them) whey they are so conspicuously bias?
  • Most of the Middle East is imploding especially Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen yet Israel has nothing to do with it.
  • I wonder how many people realize that Islamist are not only cleansing Christians,  but also cleansing other Muslims?
  • Didn't Obama pledge to unite everyone?
  • Do progressives and those who advocate for Americans paying more in taxes know Americans are leaving high tax states in droves?  
  • Billions were poured into Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and the country is still largely devastated. Anyone ever ask what happened with all the aid and money?
  • Why was there very little looting in Japan after their earthquake?
  • I'm convinced Republican women are tougher than Republican men.
  • Anyone seen Al Gore lately? I don't miss the lying prick but just wondering.
  • Do those advocating for raising the minimum wage know they will be replaced by robots? In fact, in many places, it's already happening. Ever see what it now looks like in an automobile factory? And check out 3-D technology. It's already printing firearms, engine parts, and even human organs.
  • Are czars still on the WH payroll?
  • Anyone ever ask Pres. Obama why he still tolerates such high unemployment among African-Americans?
  • Has Pres. Obama ever accepted any responsibility for all his cluster f*cks?
  • I believe no one has been held directly responsible for what happened in Benghazi and in the Fast and Furious scandal. Actually, the same can be said for the IRS scandal.
  • When Democrats throw out the "war on women" card, I often wonder if they've forgotten about: Edwards, the Kennedy's, Bill Clinton, Spitzer, Weiner and a host of others. 
  • When Democrats throw out the "race card," I often wonder if they ever looked at themselves in the mirror.
  • Has anyone ever asked Obama why he demonizes the rich (fair share and all) yet holds hundreds of fundraisers with those very same folks? In fact, he even golfs with them---like a lot.
  • Why do progressives place their ideology ahead of the welfare of the nation?
  • If I ever bumped into Pres. Obama, I'd be inclined to ask him why he put such a putz---John F. Kerry---into the position of Secretary of State when everything Kerry touches turns to crap.
  • And if I had the opportunity to ask Pres. Obama just one question, it would be this: Mr. President, why is your first impulse to lie to the American people.
And this is just what I thought about today---before lunch.