Monday, September 15, 2014

The Enemy Is Already Within

In a recent interview to trade Obama for British PM David Cameron, the US threw in Pelosi, Biden and Detroit.  US phone calls were not returned...WH Press Secretary

I've been massaging my beard for many years now. It's always in response to the political class and the media trying desperately to convince us that Jihadist are not yet in America. In response to ISIS, how many times how you heard statements like: We have to stop them now so they won't be coming here?

The fact is they've been here for decades. Allow me to give you some examples. 

I'll start with the most recent murder on our soil of college student Brendan Tevlin in NJ. Tevlin was shot to death in his vehicle on June 19th of this year. Ali Muhammed Brown admitted to killing Tevlin. He also admitted to killing two others prior to murdering Tevlin. After being apprehended, he said of the Tevlin killing that it was a "just kill." He added, "My mission is vengeance." He carried a notebook full of Jihadist notations.

But let's not stop with the murder of Brendan Tevlin, let's take a look at an entire litany of actual attacks on American soil and planned attacks by the Jihadist next door. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
  • The 2000 Millennium Plot. Terrorists planned on attacking LAX and The USS The Sullivans. The plans were foiled by law enforcement.
  • 9/11 on WTC
  • The 2002 LA Airport Shooting. An Egyptian national, who immigrated to the US in 1992, opened fire at Israel airlines El Al customer service counter. He opened fire on a crowd of people, killing two. He was taken down by an El Al security officer.
  • In 2002, Jose Padilla (also known as Abdulla al-Muhajir). He planned a dirty bomb attack.
  • The 2006 Sears Tower Plot. After planning the attack in Miami, seven conspirators were arrested. Five of the plotters were US citizens. The FBI set up a sting. The plotters thought they were being funded by al-Qaeda.
  • In 2006, Naveed Hag, an Islamist, shot six women and killed one at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.
  • The Fort Dix Plot of 2007. Six Islamist planned to attack Fort Dix and kill as many soldiers as possible. One of the plotters was a naturalized American citizen.
  • The 2007 JFK Airport Attack Plot. This was an alleged plot to blow up jet-fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK. Of the 3 suspects, one was a US citizen and native of Guyana.
  • In 2007, Seattle Jihadist, James Ujamm, pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. He planned on establishing a terrorist training compound in Oregon.
  • 2009 Ft. Hood Shooting. Nadal Hassan, a U.S. Army major at the time, shot and killed 13 people at Ft. Hood. He injured 30 others. As I've written about in the past, this may have been one of the first killings directly as a result of political correctness. Authorities knew of Hassan's sympathies for Jihadist. He openly expressed admiration for Anwar al-Awaki, operations planner for al-Qaeda. In 2011, al-Awaki was dispatched by a Hellfire missile to meet his awaiting 72 virgins.
  • Other plots included attacks on the NYC subway system, the Boston Marathon bombings, and several plots on other American cities.
They're here. They've been here. In fact, the NY Daily News recently reported that more than 100 Muslim American extremists are now being trained by ISIS. 

The enemy is already within.

Postscript: Since this was written last week, the FBI reported 40 AMERICAN ISIS terrorists have returned to the U.S. 

Also, Islamist groups also control large parts Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia and other parts of Africa. Moreover, they're planting their flags in cybersapace. 

Sydney learned they have the enemy within as well as France just this week.

Another thug threatened to behead Boston cops.

And Garland, TX, learned this lesson by taking swift action against the two terrorist thugs.

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