Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Progressives Laughed At George W. Bush, Sarah Palin + Mitt Romney. But Whose Laughing Now?

The president is off to Europe tomorrow. The Oval Office will be permanently added to the WH tour where a president used to work...WH Press Secretary Tweet

There were two profound pieces I read this past week. One was a letter to the editor of the NY Post after the ISIS scumbag murdered journalist James Foley. Ed Quinian ended his letter about Obama's frolicking: "How could this president not find it in his heart to grieve for one day?" 

The other piece was by Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal. In short, it was reported that Obama was outraged at the Israeli treatment of John F. Kerry. For a moment, let's put aside the fact that Kerry---a pompous fool---has been a total failure in foreign policy. Stephens points to the fact that while Obama was outraged at Israel the Russians invaded the Ukraine, Hamas sent thousands of rockets into Israel, ISIS slit the throat of an American journalist and Chinese jets conspicuously harassed U.S. surveillance aircraft. So where was his outrage at these events?

The observations noted above take me back to the future. Many---including myself and others---warned the electorate what would happen if Obama was elected president. In fact, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney also warned Americans as well but many progressive laughed at those admonishments.  So what were they laughing at? 

  • In 2012, Romney warned that Russia continued to be a strategic geo-political threat.
  • In 2008, Sarah Palin warned that Putin might invade the Ukraine. In fact, many on the Left countered her claim by referring to it as a "far-fetched" scenario. Foreign Policy Magazine
  • In 2007, then Pres. Bush warned what would happen if we completely pulled out of Iraq. He said it would become a safe haven for terrorists and would result in mass killings.
  • In 2012, Romney warned the nation that Obama would have difficulty working with Congress.
  • And recall when Palin took a shot at Obama's "hopey, changey stuff?"
So whose left laughing now?