Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We're Facing A "Forever War" With Islamist Only If The West Loses Its Resolve

A. Deserter Bergdahl
B. The Five Gitmo Terrorists
C. Benghazi 4
D. Marine In Mexico
E. James Foley
Obama made sure A & B returned home safely...WH Press Secretary

"The capture of the US Embassy in Tehran, the attack on the USS Cole, the mass murder of US Marines in their sleeping quarters in Beirut, the destruction of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the 9/11 attacks, the murder of countless GI's by IED's in Afghanistan and Iraq, the beheading of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Nick Berg in Iraq and Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia...all fruits of a culture that has declared total war on America and now, also led to the savage murder of Foley and Sotloff." Amir Taheri

After reading that---it's clear Islamist are at total war with America. No rational person can come to any other conclusion. The fact is Islamist have been at war with the West for centuries. And it's my belief we may be in the middle of a "forever war." It's for this reason and a host of others that the West must never lose its resolve in confronting and fighting this on-going threat.

It's also for this reason Pres. Obama's admission last week of a lack of any strategy in meeting and destroying this threat should be disturbing for every American. Let's face facts. America is the only nation on earth that has the ability and power to totally destroy the onslaught by these homicidal maniacs. Yet, in the last several years, we've heard the Obama administration tell the world al-Qaeda is on the run and almost decimated. Osama is dead and GM is alive. ISIS is merely a "junior varsity." We will "degrade" ISIS. We will "destroy" ISIS. And all of that morphed into ISIS is a "manageable problem." Any wonder why all of this leaves most Americans confused and our allies distrustful and scratching their heads? (and I'm not even going to touch on the Russian "problem").

And this Wednesday evening, Pres. Obama is scheduled to give a major White House press conference on the ISIS threat. Let's pray we will hear something of substance about how we will address the ISIS murderers. But---as in the past---this president shows a remarkable lack of sustaining any commitment to dealing with a crisis head-on (on domestic policy disasters, his first impulse has always been to either blame someone else or actually tell us he just heard about it---on the news). And keep in mind, we witnessed the failure of the "reset" with Russia and the erasing of red lines in Syria and Libya.

Peggy Noonan summarized it best: "People say Obama hasn't spoken on the Islamic State with sufficient "passion," but the world at the moment probably doesn't need more passion. He needs to speak with clarity, conviction and most of all credibility." If the past is any predictor of the future, I'm not going to hold on to any "hope." 

We need to see resolve from this president and whatever coalition he creates. Otherwise, we're facing a forever war.

PS: Since this was posted, the attack in Paris reinforces the point of this post. In addition, Pres. Obama still refuses to identify the enemy but had no problem bashing Christians.