Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Thoughts + News That Should Make Your Head Explode

Moderate Syrian Rebels---People who only want to cut off half your head...David Burge Tweet

Sometimes one has to just glance around at the insanity that surrounds us all. I gave into this compulsion earlier today. This is what I found:
  • I find it interesting (and disturbing) that there's more outrage over the Ray Rice incident + associated video than the video of an ISIS lunatic decapitating the heads of two Americans.
  • The feminists have finally awakened from their long coma regarding the Ray Rice incident. Of course, they were also in a coma during the Bill Clinton administration.
  • Make no mistake, this is not about Ray Rice. The left is after the NFL.
  • If I ever had the opportunity to bump into Barbara Boxer or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the first and only question I would ask both is: Who ties your shoelaces?
  • Tonight Pres. Obama will be doing a presser re: ISIS. But how does one go from no strategy to a strategy in one week?
  • Pres. Obama said "theater" does not come naturally to him except for speaking in front of Greek columns, a fake presidential seal and countless photo ops.
  • Anytime there's an election, someone inevitably says something like: "I'd rather vote for Mickey Mouse." Who knew those people were right?
  • Former WH Press Secretary Jay Carney got a job with CNN. Is anyone surprised?
  • Referring to Al Sharpton as a "reverend" would be like referring to the late murderous cannibal  Jeffrey Dahmer a chef.
  • It's clear this administration would have been perfect during the years Seinfeld was on TV. After all, it's not a lie, if you believe it.
  • Have you noticed when sports commentators  plunge into the political world they always appear exceedingly stupid?
  • Have you also noticed that any post-game interview with either a coach or a player sounds the same after every game?
  • In fact, the most politically correct people on the planet---with the exception of the Hollywood suck-ups---are sports commentators.
  • Chuck Todd is now the host of "Meet the Press" replacing David Gregory. His debut show was with Pres. Obama. I noticed Chuck Todd was wearing a new pair of knee pads.
  • Does the Republican Party exist?
  • In light of the Ray Rice incident (a guy that should be banned for life), I wonder how many know that Hope Solo was charged with allegedly attacking two family members?
  • Best bumper sticker I've seen in quite some time: "Obama: Long on Golf. Short on Balls."
  • Speaking of Pres. Obama, if you listened carefully to his taking the oath of office, he actually said: "So help me golf."
  • In my opinion, Megyn Kelly of Fox News puts O'Reilly to shame. If you want to see real journalism watch her interview with that nitwit Ward Churchill. A beautiful thing to behold (including Megyn).
  • It's a fact. Almost everything progressives touch turns to crap. In fact, the only thing they are good at doing is trickle down incompetence.
  • Harry Reid remains the most miserable prick in Congress.
  • You gotta love this one. I like to follow NYC politics because I grew up in the Big Apple. I also wrote several pieces predicting progressive Mayor de Blasio would plunge NYC into progressive hell. He's doing a good job of it. But this latest story takes the cake. The NY Post reported today that de Blasio is unable to get a federal security clearance because the feds have questions about his visiting Cuba and his visiting Nicaragua when it was run by Marxist.
  • Do you get the impression Hillary Clinton is losing her MoJo?
  • Fox News recently reported that children are better at using their smart phones than they are at doing some routine daily activities like tying their shoes. Refer to Boxer and Wasserman Schultz.
  • Remember when Obama told Russia's Pres. Medvedev that he would be more flexible? I can assure you when Medvedev went back to Putin and told him what Obama said, the first words out of Putin's mouth were: I got him now.
  • The satirical Twitter, WH Press Secretary, tweeted out this morning: The main highlights of the president's big ISIS speech are: what specifically we won't do and how many years it'll take to not do it.
  • It really is a travesty that this administration can't get one Marine---Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi---out of a Mexican jail.
  • Yo Michelle Obama! How's that hashtag diplomacy against homicidal maniacs working for you? 
  • Not only is the main stream media bias but they also steer the news from the truth. As I've written about before, their biggest sin is one of omission. In fact, it's been almost a year since ABC's "Nightline" covered Obamacare. Most don't even report on Obama's low poll ratings.
  • Did you know former mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin started a 10 year prison term for corruption? Well, don't be surprised. Most of the MSM didn't even cover it. And, according to NewsBusters, NBC News gave it a whopping 15 seconds.
  • Did you know who Joan Rivers explicitly banned from her funeral? Hint: one lives in the White House, and she wants to control everything our children eat at school.
  • Why was Obama so slow to deal with ISIS?  ISIS shows how he screwed up with Iraq and Syria. He also doesn't want the world to know: Bush was right.
Now I'm going to the basement to get some duct tape.