Thursday, November 6, 2014

Americans Took A Stand This Week---Will Republicans?

President Obama is our first official "blame duck" president...WH Press Secretary Tweet

This week, Americans took a stand. In short, they've made it crystal clear to the Obama administration and to the progressive political class,  we've had enough. We've had enough of your government overreach. We've had enough of your arrogance. We've had enough of your incompetence and dysfunction. We've had enough of your transformation. We've had enough (the same can be said to the main stream media too).

Having said that, just because the Republicans won big, Americans will not be giving them a pass. As most polls indicate, Americans haven't been too thrilled with them either. They've had enough of progressive Republicans too.

The progressive political class failed. They've always failed.  We also know they can't be trusted. How can they be when their first impulse is to lie---about everything.  That leaves only the conservatives to make the play that will drive the nation into the end zone. The only way the conservatives will drive into the end zone will be to follow true and tested core conservative principles. These include---but are not limited to---the following:

  • Follow The Constitution. The writers of that document knew what they were doing. Most were smarter than most living politicians today. In that document, the Founders made it clear that liberty is not granted. It's an inherent right---a fact lost on most progressives.
  • We  must remain suspicious of overreaching government. Fortunately, many Americans finally learned that lesson this week.
  • National security must be a national priority. There are just too many threats out there to do otherwise. This includes supporting a strong military.
  • Economic growth---with a strong focus on a free enterprise and economic liberty. This also includes targeting the unsustainable national debt in addition to pursuing the lowering of taxes, and cutting down on wasteful spending and fraud.
  • We already have a pathway to citizenship. It's called: legal immigration. Uphold those laws. Strengthen our borders. And tighten up our visa application process. No amnesty. (I speak to this as a legal immigrant myself).
  • Continued expansion of diversity within the Republican Party. That's right---continued. The big lie among progressives and their enablers in the media is that the party is not diverse. It is. That was proven again this week with the elections of Mia Love and Tim Scott just to name a few. The many faces of Republican conservative politicians include some of the following: Condi Rice, Gov. Nikki Haley (an Indian Sikh), Gov. Bobby Jindal (Indian-American), Gov.Susana Martinez  Sen. Ted Cruz, Former Rep. Allen West, Sen. Marc Rubio (Cuban-American),  Supreme Court Judge Thomas, and Herman Cain. In fact, diversity in the Republican Party goes back decades. One classic example was Hiram Revels, an African-American. He served as a U.S. Senate from Mississippi following the Civil War. He was accompanied by several of his peers during the same period (you won't find that fact in most history books). Nevertheless, outreach should and must continue.
The outcome for the Republican Party is clear.  They must focus on issues important to conservatives. This also includes growing a spine and stop tip-toeing through the tulips. For far too long, the Republican Party has been perceived as a feckless party of chumps. Today they don't even have to look far for their answers. Scott Walker won elections embracing conservative principles. Oh, and so did one other guy---Ronald Reagan.

Postscript: And will Republicans take on Obama for his immigration orders?