Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Crib Sheet For The 2014 Mid-Term Elections

Nation's Roommates Debut New TV Spot Insisting "Elections Are Bullshit."...The Onion

In my previous post {"Voting Guide For Democrats + The Progressive Political Class"}, I encouraged Democrats to continue voting for Democrats + the progressive political class if they like the direction of the nation (the progressive political class also includes many Republicans).

So today, less than 24 hours before the mid-terms it's time for a crib sheet every voter can use when they close that curtain in the voting booth. It's not complicated. It's actually self-explanatory. In fact, much of this is not new but cheat sheets often nibble at the edge of our brains when we have to make critical decisions. Here we go:

  • Transformation that resulted in unrestrained exercise of power
  • The use of phony wars on gender, race and class
  • An administration and progressive political class whose first impulse is to reach for a lie
  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi
  • IRS scandal
  • VA scandal
  • NSA scandal-the rise of the "surveillance state" 
  • Obamacare's broken promises
  • Stimulus bill that only enriched donors, unions and political cronies
  • Lack of transparency (even his enabling press bitches about it)
  • The conspicuous use of the "blame game" rather than taking responsibility for failures
  • Designating Ft. Hood shooting as "workplace violence"
  • Keystone Pipeline and no coherent energy policy---in fact, a counter productive policy
  • The destruction of the coal industry especially in KY + W.VA where thousands have already lost their jobs and careers
  • Historical high rates of poverty 
  • Border security, illegal immigration and amnesty
  • NSA scandal
  • GSA scandal
  • Eavesdropping and seizing records of journalists.
  • Billions wasted on energy initiatives such as Solyndra and dozens of similar "investments"
  • The rise of ISIS with the admission of the administration it had no strategy in confronting these terrorists
  • The release of 5 Taliban terrorists
  • Failed foreign policy (Russia, Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, etc)---including J.F.Kerry's diplomacy disasters (and Hillary Clinton before him) and the failure to predict Putin's intentions
  • Inappropriate remarks about Israel's PM (calling a certified war hero a "chickenshit")
  • America's loss of standing and prestige throughout the globe
  • Importing Ebola into America
  • Appointing an Ebola Czar whose a political hack and is largely AWOL
  • Allowing a race-baiting, alleged tax-evading thug like Al Sharpton into the highest levels of municipal, state and federal government
  • "You didn't build that" even though millions of Americans did.
  • Failing to reduce the national debt (now approaching $18T)
  • Average student loan debt now stands at about $25K per student
  • Pres. Obama's "leaderless" leadership style (it's now way beyond just "leading from behind).
  • Dozens and dozens of cases of alleged voter fraud largely by democrats and their operatives
There's certainly many more but you don't want to raise suspicions by standing in the voting booth too long---after all, the New Black Panthers wouldn't like that.