Monday, December 1, 2014

Ferguson Illustrates How The Progressive Political Class Perpetuates False Narratives

We've been successful in distracting the black community with Ferguson, otherwise they'd realize 4 million {illegal immigrants} just cut in front of them for jobs...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • For some time, I've been writing about the warped ideology of the progressive political class. Whether it's their bold faced lies or their embracing of policies and practices that always fail, their disdain for America and its core ideals is conspicuous.
  • Ferguson just happens to be another blatant example of a disease unleashed upon our nation. In the case of the Ferguson grand jury's decision, truth and facts continue to be casualties of this perverted and corrupt ideology. (Note: you can read the facts of the grand jury's decision in my previous posts).
  • In the aftermath of the grand jury's decision, the nation was witness to punks who damaged and destroyed private property of individuals who had absolutely nothing to do with the incident involving the police officer and his assailant. They literally put innocent people out of business and placed hundreds, perhaps thousands, on the unemployment line. In fact, they did it throughout the country. 
  • With the likes of the tax-evading, race-baiting thug like Al Sharpton, these punks exploited the incident for one purpose only: to further destroy any semblance of what makes a society civil.
  • No where was this false narrative and myth more blatant than several of the St. Louis Rams football team who made the mythical "hands-up" gesture prior to their game yesterday. Whether those dummies know it or not, they too continued to perpetuate a false narrative. Then again, they are football players---people not generally known for their intellectual abilities anyway.
  • The fact is these same punks---black or white---not only don't want to face the facts of this case, they continue to be delusional about the real leading cause of death of most black young men and it's not from cops. It's their homicide rate. 
  • But we can make these points until we're blue in the face. It makes no difference to punks whose only goal is to disrupt society. In addition to the progressive political class, the media should also be ashamed of their own reporting during the last two weeks. For example, a shooting that was never about race, suddenly became about race.
  • While Brown may be a symbol to some of what's wrong with parts of our legal system, many of these misguided fools could care less about the facts and the truth. To them both are irrelevant. They dismiss those facts to promote an agenda based on lies and deceit. And what better way of doing that than burning a town down---even if it happens to be their own town.