Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Obama & His New VP, Al Sharpton, Only Belittle The Memory Of Civil Rights Leaders Like MLK, Jr. And Others

Media/Dems intentionally choose "sketchy" civil rights causes to keep us divided. Righteous one would bring us together. Can't have that...John Nolte Tweet

  • Earlier this year, I pointed out how the election of Bill deBlasio as mayor of NYC would plunge the city into progressive hell. It actually didn't take long. By August, the mayor invited Al Sharpton on the dais---along with the city's current police commissioner---to discuss issues surrounding the NYPD.  In fact, the headline on the NY Post the following day was: "Who's The Boss" implying Sharpton was now running the city.
  • So it should not have surprised anyone that Pres. Obama also invited this tax-evading, race-baiting punk to the White House yesterday to discuss national police issues. Actually, Sharpton is no stranger to the White House. He's a regular visitor.  
  • Sharpton manages to make himself appear to be central to any issues having to do with race relations even though he himself has a long history of inciting riots or being the point punk on civil unrest. The  Ferguson riots are a perfect example. Write Sharpton a check, and he'll make sure civil unrest, lies and myths keep being perpetuated. (I invite you to visit my July 20, 2013 piece on Sharpton entitled, "Al Sharpton: Race Baiting For Dollars.").
  • All of this and more is all you need to know about our current president. Even after six years in office, the first black President of the United States of America feels it's appropriate to invite a thug like Sharpton to the White House to discuss race and policing. Even the NY Post found it important to advise Obama today not to invited Sharpton to the WH again. They wrote: "President Obama should never again have the Rev. Al Sharpton at the White House. In American life today, it's hard to think of any figure more opposed to the idea of respecting a grand jury's considered decision than our Rev. Al." My only criticism with the Post is the use of "Reverend" before Sharpton's name. Someone once noted calling Sharpton a reverend would be like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a chef.
  • As I wrote yesterday {"Ferguson Illustrates How The Progressive Political Class Perpetuates False Narratives'}, facts and the truth don't matter to race hustlers and con artists like Sharpton. The distortions about incidents like Ferguson only empower people like him. And the media loves it as well as most of the nation's knuckleheads. All these punks manage to do by their actions and rhetoric is disparage and deprecate the memory of real civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.