Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Do Republicans Know They Won A Landslide Mid-Term Election?

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  • Just last month, the Republicans wiped the floor with the Democrats. In short, Republicans kicked their ass. The title of my article that day was: "Americans Took A Stand Last Week. Will Republicans?" Well, if the way Boehner and some of the Republican leadership is behaving, it appears they will not.
  • In the past, I've taken Republicans to task for a variety of reasons including being spineless and caving into the progressives in their party {"Is The Republican Party A Mirage" and "The Republican Party Remains An Illusion" just to name a few}.
  • It appears many Republicans have abandoned conservative core principles in the last two decades. Yet, when you gaze out over the Republican landscape, it's those Republicans who still embrace conservative principles who win elections. Scott Walker comes immediately to mind. Unlike most Progressive Democrats, Republicans have a knack for selling out their own base. They also appear to trip over their own fecklessness and stupidity. 
  • So it shouldn't surprise anyone who watches Republicans tip-toeing through the tulips to observe Republican leadership caving again. As The Conservative View correctly pointed out via the Washington Times recently, John Boehner appears to have surrendered yet again. They reported: "House Speaker John Boehner has joined forces with key Republican leaders to shut down any GOP members who might want to strong-arm President Obama over immigration." This all has to do with any impending shutdown of the government next week in response to Pres. Obama threatening to shut down the government if his illegal immigrant amnesty is not funded.
  • I have a question for readers: How many of you even remember the last government shutdown? Very few do. About the only big news that came out of that shutdown was the government closing the WWII Memorial to WWII veterans. And that action struck a nerve because it was a disgrace and insult to the few remaining WWII veterans left in America.
  • Once again, Republicans need to be reminded they won big last month, really big. In addition, public opinion has moved sharply against Pres. Obama's immigration initiatives. And while five dozen Republicans oppose Obama's new immigration agenda, not so much with their own leadership. 
  • It's so stunning that Breitbart is even reporting Boehner is will to do a deal with Nancy Pelosi to avoid a shutdown. By doing this, Breitbart reports Republicans risk giving more control to Pelosi's Democratic Caucus. Even more depressing, that nutty little man, Harry Reid, said he would throw his support behind Boehner's intention to fund Obama's amnesty plan through next March. 
  • It appears we have more Beltway hypocrites in the guise of Republicans who also want to skirt the Constitution. All of this reminds me of a quote by David Burge last year: "The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing me I had quarters in my ears, or maybe that was Grandpa."