Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Outcome: The Truth Will Set You Free But First You Will Feel Miserable

It's being reported Sharpton is headed to Ferguson. Only one reason for that: to pick up his check...My Tweet this morning.

Let's get something out of the way now. Most of the people in Ferguson are good people. They are no different than those in our own communities. Unfortunately, the media, as well as the punks and aholes, always take advantage of situations such as this one.  Much of the violence we're watching is through the lens of those cameras. 

But let's look at the bigger picture---the political aspect of all of this insanity. Keep in mind, facts do not matter for the progressive political class.  As with the media, they see everything through a lens that focuses specifically on race, gender and class. And it's for this reason and others, that African-Americans should be angry. They should be angry at the progressive political class for being conned in the last 60 or more years. That's where they should focus their outrage. John Nolte of Brietbart News nailed it best last August: "Dear Black America: I apologize for our predominantly white and racist media that only pretends to care when there is a political upside." The same can be attributed to progressives especially tax-evading, race-hustling thugs like Al Sharpton and his ilk.

It's time then to look beyond the irrational, the feelings, the emotions. As with 99.99% of America, I was not present to witness the shooting of Michael Brown. I have to rely on the grand jury's decision---a grand jury that met for 25 days and spent months evaluating the evidence. Evidence that included ballistic reports, autopsy reports and testimonies from about 60 witnesses, some black. The grand jury included 3 African-Americans of a 12 member panel.

Note: Fact vs. Fiction...Initial reports, largely based on Brown's friend, was that Brown was shot in the back. Autopsy results disapproved that account. Ballistic evidence proves Brown's hands were not up as originally reported.  Also, initial reports indicated Brown was shot 10 times. Again, autopsy results report he was shot 6 times. NY Post

And what does all that violence accomplish anyway? For example, as with other similar incidents in Detroit, Philadelphia and L.A. to name a few. In Ferguson even most of the businesses damaged or destroyed are minority owned. 

In closing, if the African-American community is serious about crime affecting their communities, they need to focus on why 91% of black murder victims were killed by other African-Americans (FBI stats). In NYC alone, 95% of murder and non-negligent homicide victims in 2013 were black or Hispanic with 91% of the suspects listed as black or Hispanic (NYPD via NY Post). They also need to take the progressive political class to task---to task for perpetuating a scam on an entire community for six decades.

Unfortunately, facts don't matter to many of these misguided activists. It's they who refuse to look into the mirror for fear of what they will see---the truth. Otherwise, the kangaroos will continue to be in charge.