Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Philadelphia Can Make The Democrats Feel At Home During Their 2016 National Convention

Glad the Pope is coming to Philadelphia ahead of the Democrats. I'd hate for him to sit through their heckling God like the '12 convention...Chris Stigall Tweet (morning host of WPHT in Philadelphia)

Of and on, I've lived in the Philadelphia region and the Delaware Valley for over 40 years. I know the city well. I'm also thoroughly familiar with its historic sites having lived in the Independence Hall area for almost a year. Therefore it's with great pleasure to hear that Philadelphia has been chosen to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. 

So what better way than to have many of the historic sites in Philadelphia make Democrats feel right at home than targeting those sites specifically to their progressive ideology? Some suggestions:

  • Philadelphia should change the name of Independence Hall to Dependence Hall. After all, under this administration and most of the years Democrats have been in power, poverty and food stamp rolls have exploded. In addition, they want to make community college free and give illegal immigrants many of the same benefits now given to legal immigrants.  Let's not forget all those free Obama phones too. 
  • What better time than to close the Constitution Center? After all, the Obama administration just shoves the Constitution aside to meet its political purposes anyway. 
  • With regard to all those stores that cater to tourists and now carry patriotic and historical items about America, many of those items can be replaced. For example, posters, T-shirts and books about/of  Che, Castro, the late Hugo Chavez and other tyrants can be sold  (most at discount prices). The bobble heads of patriots can be replaced with bobble heads of Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid,  and throw in Stalin for good measure. All of those replicas of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be stored away until the Democrats leave Philadelphia. 
  • Events could include an early May Day celebration as well as parades of Russian tanks and missiles streaming down Market Street.
  • One can even foresee a parade of anti-war demonstrators if you can find any.
  • Another event could include a visit to the Betsy Ross House. Instead of showing her sewing an American flag, flags from the old Soviet Union, Cuba,  Communist China and even a Sandinista flag (that should make NYC Mayor de Blasio feel right at home).
  • The Liberty Bell can be renamed The Repudiation Bell considering many progressives repudiate the principles and values of this great nation. Or it can be renamed The Tyranny Bell.
And  keep in mind---any reference to God or the Creator should be stricken from the record during the course of the Convention. That should put more smiles of the faces of the convention delegates.

America!!! What a country!!!