Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Net Neutrality: A Trojan Horse Penetrating Internet Freedom?

The president would now like to regulate the entire Internet. That's got to be easier than running a website with a billion dollar budget...WH Press Secretary Tweet (Satire)

  • Let me be frank. I'm not a "techie." I don't have the knowledge base of the inter-working guts of the Internet (although I've read more about it recently). As a result, I'm going to tack politically in this debate. I certainly know this is a highly complex issue.
  • My understanding is this: In its most elementary form the government intends to regulate the Internet. Their intention is to reclassify the Internet as a "utility." In short, this will give the government (FCC, FEC) more control over Internet Service Providers or ISP's, the companies that provide us access to the Internet, usually for a fee. Make no mistake, I'm also no big fan of the large providers. Most Americans know all too well how expensive cable has become in recent years.
  • But this is where the rub comes in for many critics of net neutrality like myself. The issue here should not be net neutrality. Nothing is neutral in the competitive marketplace. The issue should be the government imposing more regulations upon our freedoms, especially our freedom of speech and our freedom to communicate openly. When the government gets involved with more regulations in anything, red flags should not popping up all over the place. For example, ObamaCare comes immediately to mind. After all, the bureaucrats decided to name it the Affordable Care Act. We now know it's far from affordable for millions of Americans. 
  • We also know government involvement leads to several outcomes: 1-More government control in almost anything is generally not a good thing. Not only have we've seen that with ObamaCare, but we've seen the results of government control and overreach in the VA and the IRS to name just a few. 2-It will inevitably lead to more taxes.  3-You can be sure costs will rise. Costs always rise anytime the government gets involved in almost anything. And finally, it will lead to abuse and corruption. 
  • Once again, don't be diverted by a nice-sounding, non-threatening designation as net neutrality. Be more concerned about the further erosion of our liberties. That's where the threat lies.