Thursday, February 26, 2015

Will Any Freedoms Remain After Obama's Tenure?

He's taken over healthcare, the Internet and granted amnesty to 5 million illegals and now gun control via banning ammo. What's next?...Fred Zeppelin Tweet

  • In earlier years, we heard the refrain that Americans will never allow the government to take over healthcare. After all, Hillary Clinton's attempt in the early 1990's was a complete and total failure. Two decades later, ObamaCare became a reality. The freedom Americans had to choose their own provider, their own physician and to make decisions regarding their own healthcare fell by the wayside and was replaced by a government bureaucracy. 
  • In late 2014, the Legatum Institute published their annual report on "personal freedom" throughout the world. The U.S. ranked 21st, lower than Portugal, France, Germany, Ireland, Costa Rica and Malta.
  • Just this week, Pres. Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline stabbing yet another fork into energy freedom. After all, the administration's failures in other energy initiatives has been well established as Solyndra became the poster child for those repeated fiasco's.
  • The IRS targeting of conservative groups was one of the most egregious uses of government overreach. 
  • Failed economic policies resulting in record high poverty rates and the shrinking of the middle class and incomes have resulted in the theft of many freedoms especially the pursuit of happiness. Millions of young Americans have been unable to purchase new homes, new cars and have put off many life decisions such as marriage and raising a family. In other words, many of Obama administration's policies have resulted in the loss of important independent decision making.
  • The repeated failures and appeasement in foreign policy have left America weak. One obvious outcome is more threats to our freedoms and liberties.
  • We've watched how government over-regulation has had a negative impact on many Americans making personal and business decisions. Again, ObamaCare comes immediately to mind as well as overbearing fees and taxes. Of course, this insanity has been going on for decades.
  • And today, the government (FCC) approved sweeping regulations governing the Internet. Regulations I might add that have yet to be posted. We do know the regulations would be the Internet on the same footing as any utility. Ajit Pai, a republican commissioner on the panel, said this decision will put the government in control of the Internet. As I wrote yesterday, it will be inevitable that rates will rise and taxes will be imposed. 
  • So say good-bye to yet another freedom---the freedom of speech, the freedom to communicate openly, the freedom guaranteed to every American under the Constitution.
Note: Today, The Washington Examiner is reporting the Obama administration is planning on banning bullets for AR-15 style semi-autos. Developing.