Monday, March 2, 2015

Is Netanyahu Now The New Leader Of The Free World?

This morning, the president was glad to host a warm WH welcome to Liberia.  Not so much because it was Liberia, but because it wasn't Israel...WH Press Secretary (Satire)

  • Last month, I wrote a piece making the argument that the Obama administration is openly hostile to Israel, specifically to Bibi Netanyahu.  I began that article with a quote from John F. Kennedy when he said: "Israel was not created in order to disappear...It is a child of hope and home of the brave. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of Freedom." 
  • JFK understood well that Israel, surrounded by millions who would like nothing better to do than destroy her, is the only democracy in the entire Middle East. In fact, just last November, the Supreme Leader of Iran said that the best outcome for Israel would be her inhalation. So the question I'm left with---as are many others who support Israel--is this: Why does the Obama administration hold Israel in such disdain as it tries to appease not only her enemy but ours also?
  • To highlight this administration's hostility toward Israel, one has only to look at the rhetoric of Secretary of State John F. Kerry. Just last week, he bashed Netanyahu for Israel's support of the Iraq War, a war which Kerry himself voted to authorize.  Last year, he referred to Israel as an apartheid state. Mind you, he said this after Israel absorbed over 3000 rockets propelled from Gaza on to its soil.
  • In addition, some democrats are vowing not to attend Netanyahu's speech to Congress tomorrow. Today he spoke to the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference setting up his speech to Congress. Yet, it's now being reported by the WH spokesperson that Mr. Obama did not even listen to that speech. Just several months ago, anonymous sources told The Atlantic that Netanyahu, a decorated combat veteran, was a "coward" and "chickenshit."
  • What is clearly disturbing about the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress is their failure to recognize the conspicuous threat Iran posses to both nations. Yet, Netanyahu understand the importance of speaking to Congress since they will be playing a vital role in any agreements with Iran regarding their nuclear capabilities. 
  • Even Ronald Reagan understood the importance of our relationship with Israel.  He said, "Since the foundation of the State of Israel, the United States has stood by her..." In other words, Reagan and most conservatives understand that Israel is one of the few nations on earth that has been threatened with total annihilation by its enemies. He, as JFK did, recognized that Israel has always been a true and courageous friend of the United States. And if anyone understands the threats of global terrorism, Netanyahu certainly does. It appears the Obama administration has lost sight of this fact as Netanyahu assumes the role of the new leader in the Free World as he and Israel continue to carry the shield of democracy.
Postscript: Since this was posted, Netanyahu won his election. Try to imagine the WH aide who had to inform Obama after he had a team on ground in Israel to help defeat Natanyahu.