Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hiillary Clinton's Legacy Is More Stained Than Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress

Pathological: Dead broke Hillary dodged sniper fire with her immigrant grandparents in Tuzla...John Nolte Tweet

Perhaps it's something in the DNA of most progressives. Their first impulse is to always reach for a lie. Hillary Clinton is no exception. Many politicians lie but she takes lying to an art form. In her long political career (including as First Lady), we've been subject to:
  •  Filegate, Cattle Futures, missing Rose Law Firm billing records (that suddenly appeared in the WH two years after they were requested),  Bill Clinton's lies (as she enabled him), Bimbo eruptions, and more.
  • Her claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Just one minor problem: Edmund Hillary did not climb Mt. Everest until several years after Mrs. Clinton was born.
  • The now infamous lie that she was under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia during the Balkan War. She wasn't.
  • After the planes hit the WTC towers on 9/11/01, she said her daughter---Chelsea---was jogging near the WTC. She wasn't. In fact, she wasn't jogging at all at that time. 
  • Several years ago, she said she was the most transparent person she knows (that statement is kinda weird too). Unfortunately, her most recent email scandal proves otherwise. Oh, and remember the statement about using only one device? Weeks earlier, she admitted using several different devices. OOPS!!!
  • Benghazi.
  • Ignoring the rise of Boko Haram.
  • Shady Clinton Foundation especially regarding foreign donors. In addition, her husband appearing to benefit while she was with State.
  • Her bizarre statements about leading a revolution against the 1% when she's been the leading voice of statism and progressive corporations for the last 30 years.
  • In her wake as Secretary of State, the Middle East is a nightmare from Syria to Yemen. And, quite frankly, she didn't do better dealing with Russia, China and N. Korea either.
  • Dick Morris, a former Clinton aid and principal architect for the Clinton-Gore reelection strategy, summarized many other Hillary Clinton lies in his long post-Clinton era career.
And the most recent lie?  In a speech in Iowa yesterday, she misrepresented (kind for lied) the immigration status of her grandparents.  BuzzFeed reported her claim that all four of her grandparents immigrated to the United States was false. In fact, census records show only one did---her paternal grandfather. She probably lied about the immigration status of her grandparents to engender herself to the immigration crowd.

The late William Safire of the NY Times and Pulitzer Prize winner once referred to Hillary Clinton as a "congenital liar." He made that charge almost 20 years ago. He was right then. Little did he know, it would also be her legacy.

Postscript: New email scandals. And now including a criminal FBI investigation. And it's over 300 e-mails that might have been classified. Keep in mind, this is what she said not long ago: "I did not e-mail any classified material on my e-mail." It's also being reported she may have had a back-up server. And breaking this week (120/16), the Inspector General found the highest level of classified information on her server. Folks, the server is the smoking gun. And more recently FBI Director Comey accused her of reckless behavior.  In addition, we now have what appears to be a play-to-play scandal through her foundation.