Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Real Agenda Of The Progressive Political Class: To Inflame + Exploit Poor Communities

Pres. Obama said if he had a city, it would look like Baltimore...WH Press Secretary

The real agenda of the progressive political class is to inflame and exploit poor communities. The poster douche for this type of perverted profiteering is Al Sharpton. He's taken it to an art form. But he's just one of many---black and white.  For example, even if half of the allegations against Hillary and Bill Clinton are true, their deceit to enrich themselves on the backs of their own political base would have John Gotti and his ilk smiling in their graves. Richard Nixon, if he were still alive today, would be proclaiming: By today's standards, I'm not a crook.

But one might be asking---why are they so willing to light the match? The answer is more conspicuous than most people think. It comes down to accessing more government funding. Whether it's Baltimore, Ferguson or any other city destroyed by riots, state and federal funds will invariably follow to restore the community. And the individuals who will profit from the enormous amounts of cash flowing back into the community are usually the very same people who sympathize with the rioters---either openly (as did the Baltimore Mayor) or covertly.

And we don't have to look much further than what Mr. Obama said earlier this week. He reached back into the same old talking points we've all been hearing throughout much of our lifetimes. He talked about the need for more "investments" (code for more spending). While he also managed to take a shot at the Republicans during that speech (even though the State of Maryland is a blue state and Baltimore has not had Republican leadership in about 50 years or more), he said more investment is needed in job training, for schools and for infrastructure (funny how that "infrastructure" always pops up. Remember the stimulus package?). But what Mr. Obama and the progressive political class fail to tell us is that trillions of dollars have already been "invested" in of our cities, yet many still remain a mess and in turmoil. To be fair, honest and accurate, every administration and Congress have been guilty of misuse of government funding.

Michelle Malkin recently listed just a handful of examples of the money wasted in the last few years.  Regarding the stimulus money (almost $900B), $64B of that went to school districts and another $50B to additional educational spending ("investments"). Of that, $13B went to low-income school children, just over $4B to Head Start and other child-care services and $70M for homeless children. Last December, the government provided an additional $1B to "expand access to high-quality early-childhood education" for every child to age 5. And that was on top of several other educational programs totaling over an additional $6B. This does not even include the billions more "invested" in jobs-training programs. 

So the lessons from Baltimore are clear. The progressive political class will continue inflaming and exploiting poor communities as long as the government continues to write the checks.   Unfortunately, the iniquity is that the poor will continue to be embroiled and snarled in misery as those who exploit them will be swimming in pools full of cash or rather--- in "investments."

As yourself, if the trillions (estimated at over $20T) spent on the War on Poverty since 1965, why did the poverty level under this administration break a 50 year record? Why are there so many people in American living on food stamps?