Monday, May 4, 2015

In Garland, TX, The Second Amendment Protected The First Amendment

Someone tell the Jihadists that on U.S. soil, the 1st Amendment trumps their feelings, and the 2nd Amendment trumps their threats...Buck Sexton Tweet

If you recall, the last time Islamists attacked innocent people for using Muhammad cartoons was in Paris last January. In the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices even the police had to take cover because---well---they were unarmed. Twelve people were killed in that attack. Even more disturbing, the attackers terrorized the city for another two days. The attack in Paris followed earlier attacks in Denmark  eight years earlier over Muhammad cartoons.

In yesterday's attack in Garland, TX, the outcome was a "tad" different. Armed police officers took down the thugs who attacked an art exhibit and contest offering a $10,000 prize for cartoons portraying Muhammed. (as of this post, we still do not know the motivation for the attacks but it looks like a duck).

Of course, and as expected, progressives are literally going ape-shit (but about Christians being slaughtered throughout the globe---not so much). But not over those who attacked innocents at the art exhibit yesterday. No. They're attacking those who conducted the art exhibit. Progressives have long had a strange and warped view of the First Amendment. In short, unless you agree with them, it's okay. But if you "poke the snake," it's not. And what they do not understand is that the First Amendment was written to also protect those views they might not agree with. In other words, in America, offensive speech is protected. But that falls in the face of most progressives who believe---as Sexton tweeted out correctly today---feelings trump our Constitutional right to free speech. In fact, their ideology is so warped on many colleges campuses today, they've actually instituted "free speech" zones. The irony of course is that conservatives are generally dissuaded  from speaking in those free speech zones.

The fact is our society---our nation---is obligated to confront those who want to attack our Constitutional core values regardless of the consequences. Yes, when an art exhibit such as the one in Garland, Texas, is held; the consequences could very well be violence from those who who disagree. But that's the risk we take---that's the risk we must take to protect our rights. It's exactly that foundation that the art exhibit was targeting.

And just as important, the right to bear arms protected the rights and freedoms of those who hosted and attended the art exhibit. There were many good people with legal firearms who stopped the thugs with illegal guns.

We should thank our Founding Fathers every day for not putting a "but" in the Constitution as progressives would like to have us believe.