Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Aftermath Of The Charleston Shooting: Let The Exploitation Begin + The Idiotic First Instincts

Don't jump to conclusions that  Ft. Hood was terrorism, but within hours the DOJ is investigating the Charleston shooting as a hate crime...Razor's Tweet

By now, we should know the reaction to mass shootings is predictable.  After such a tragedy and atrocity as the one last night in Charleston, S.C., the most reasonable among us ask that we pray for the victims.  But as soon as the condolences are over (and, more often than not, sooner), the exploitation begins.

Gun control activists---like Pres. Obama this afternoon---immediately demand more gun control neglecting the responsibility rests with the shooter. And the media and Left can't wait to politicize the tragedy by blaming those on the Right. For example, a knucklehead writing for Salon immediately after the Boston Marathon bombing wrote, "Let's hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American."What kind of sick nitwit would write such a thing?

But it happened again. The editor for Daily Beast couldn't help exploiting this most recent shooting. He Tweeted this: "Gunman killed more people last night in America than every ISIS wannabe." It's an idiotic first instinct. If you recall, after the shootings in Colorado two years ago, Brian Ross of ABC News speculated it had to be the work of a Tea Party member.

Even Pres. Obama had to grasp for lie when he stated today, "Gun violence like this doesn't happen in other countries." I guess he forgot the mass shooting in 2011 when a lunatic in Oslo, Norway, murdered 77 young people at a Youth League event. And one doesn't even have to reach that far into history. The Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris took place in January of this year. Once again, a politician exploiting a massacre for political reasons.

And even more disturbing, it's being reported Al Sharpton is on his way to Charleston. No doubt, a check is waiting for him.

Furthermore, it would be refreshing and welcomed to witness this type of outrage over Christians and many Muslims being exterminated throughout the Middle East. But all we hear is white noise.

Just once, let's grieve for the victims without casting blame. Let's once stop the exploitation and focus on the real reasons for mass shootings---largely due to individuals with mental health issues. Let's once say a few prayers first.