Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton Channels Eva Peron

Hillary Clinton has joined Instagram. Meanwhile, her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders joined telegram...Seth Myers

If you're a regular reader of my work, you know I'm not a big fan of Hillary Clinton. But who is anymore? Polls show she can't be trusted. Democrats are concerned when they they gaze at their bench and only see Bernie Sanders. Her record of corruption, incompetence and deceit is taking its toll even on many of her supporters. Nevertheless, she still has a D after her name, and she is a she unless there is something she's been withholding all these years.

She's also Obama in a creepy pants suit. She wasn't always that far left (although she admitted she was a progressive). She's added new meaning to the phrase "flip-flop." She supported the War in Iraq. She took a hard stance against illegal immigration when she said she did not support driver's licenses for "undocumented people." She changed her position on same-sex marriage. 

Her second campaign launch on Roosevelt Island last week took a populist turn even though many found much of it pure hypocrisy. For example, the woman who makes up to $350K per speech and has over $100M in the bank  now wants us to believe she will target income inequality and the rich. As one observer remarked: "Hillary becoming a populist is like Derek Jeter coming back to play for the Red Sox. It doesn't feel right and no one will believe it."

Remarkably, she's said very little about foreign policy considering she's the former Secretary of State. But there might be a good reason. Her "reset" button with Putin ended up with Russia invading the Ukraine and now threatening a massive military buildup to counter NATO and the U.S.

She even managed to channel Eva Peron, the former First Lady of Argentina, when she said, "Prosperity must be built, shared by all." Perhaps she was also channeling the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The outcome of his socialist policies left a nation without toilet paper.

But even more disturbing were the most recent revelations about the Clinton Foundation. Deroy Murdock, a Fox News contributor, reported last week that several Foundation trustees are convicted criminals largely for corruption, bribery, witness-tampering and fraud.

I can see Clinton singing: "They are illusions. They are not solutions they promised to be. The answer was here all the time. I love you and hope you love me. Don't cry for me America."  No Hillary, many of us will be crying if you become the next president of the U.S.

Postscript: As of this posting, the FBI is now investigating her emails specifically re: classified information. Question: When will we see a Grand Jury? Right now, she's getting away with this crap.