Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Intolerance of The Aggrieved And Petulant Class

Can we force liberal bakers to bake a cake featuring a Confederate flag?...Razor's Tweet

The progressive political class never ceases to amaze me. They're petulant and always feel aggrieved.  In particular, their proclamations about tolerance as they embrace intolerance if anyone disagrees with them is disturbing. They've even managed to make hypocrisy an art form. More recently we've witnessed this conspicuous intolerance when it comes to same-sex marriage and disparaging the South (you can read my views on both in my previous post).

Intolerance and political correctness of this grumbling class go hand-in-hand. For example, in 1930's Germany, it was politically correct to condone violence against Jews. It took guts to be politically incorrect and show one's opposition to that brutal behavior. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the last 80 years. In fact, on one of my recent posts, I remarked that "Never Again" has morphed into "Over and Over Again." So let's take a moment to list the ways:

  • For example,  the attacks by activist gays against businesses who refuse to photograph their weddings or bake them a cake is reminiscent of the attacks by Nazi thugs against Jewish owned businesses. (Cool your rainbow britches---I'm not equating activist gays to Nazis. After all, gays were also sent to concentration camps during that era in Nazi Germany and many didn't survive. Political correctness and intolerance raised their warped ideology toward gays too).
  • While Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East and around the globe, the American mainstream media remains largely silent because it's politically incorrect to point out Islamist fascism. They're so gutless they don't even dare to publish cartoons that they deem offensive against Muslims.
  • Last year, Brandeis University dis-invited Ayaan Ali to speak. Ms. Ali just happens to be critical of Islam's treatment of women---Oh! Practices such as female genital mutilation to name one. 
  • Not long ago, the CEO of Mozilla was forced out of the job because it was found that he contributed $1000.00 in support of California's Prop 8. He apparently was in opposition to same-sex marriages.
  • It was also last year when Phil Robertson made his views known about homosexuality. The network(A&E) suspended Robertson because of political pressure from gay activists. As Andrea Peyser of the NY Post wrote of Robertson's suspension: "The network essential defended the bruised feelings of the homosexual industrial complex." He was later reinstated after the network realized his suspension was cutting into their revenue.
  • Even Kickstarter, the crowd funding website, refused to allow a campaign to raise funds to produce a film about Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist doctor convicted of murder.
  • Christian and student groups have either been harassed or kicked off student campuses. Conservative speakers are regularly harassed. Just ask Ann Coulter. She needs to have security when she speaks at colleges campuses---if she's even invited.
  • Who can forget the Chick fil A controversy after its CEO was vocal in his support of traditional marriage (whatever that is anymore)? In fact, at the very same time, Pres. Obama's views of traditional marriage were "evolving."  He finally evolved when he realized he needed campaign contributions from the gay community.
We will continue to witness this bigotry and intolerance by the progressive political class. They're always angry and never satisfied anyway. The attacks on free speech, liberty, American history (as evidenced by the controversy over the Confederate flag) and the Constitution will continue. 

I say---grow a set and be politically incorrect. While it takes more courage, it will also set you free. All to often, we've seen the outcomes of political incorrectness---outcomes that have stained humanity.