Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Democrats: Do You Realize Your Anointed Candidate For President Is Everything You Pretend To Oppose?

CAN'T work a fax machine.
CAN'T drive a car.
CAN'T put 2 email accounts on 1 device.
CAN'T list donors on tax return
Can fetch $300,000/speech...Razor's Tweet

Allow me to preface today's piece with a comment on Donald Trump and NBC.  Regardless of what my opinion is of Trump, he managed to reveal NBC's hypocrisy and absurdity. NBC dumped him earlier this week for his remarks about Mexican immigrants (his remarks were proven to be accurate by simply using FBI crime statistics. But that's another matter). Following Trump's dismissal, NBC actually made this statement: "At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values." This from the same network that has Al Sharpton on its payroll. You can't make this stuff up.

Now to Hillary Clinton. Those who follow me and have read my posts on a regular basis know I've written a number of pieces about America's Eva Peron. Feel free to use the blog's search engine to review those posts. 

We now have additional email revelations that clearly show the "smartest woman" in the world (according to her rabid supporters) couldn't pour piss out of a shoe with instructions on the heel. In addition, her pronouncements bashing the rich and targeting economic inequality prove to be superficial. She's proven to be a liar and awash in greed. The latest revelations:

  • She doesn't know how to use a fax machine.
  • Last week, the State Department reported Clinton failed to turn over 15 work-related emails from her "private" server.  They happened to be emails she exchanged with Sidney Blumenthal concerning events surrounding Libya. But Blumenthal gave the House Select Committee 60 Libya related emails he exchanged with Clinton. Someone has a math problem or is lying. Recall, Clinton told the Committee she handed over all relevant emails. Does Benghazi ring a bell?
  • Clinton emailed her staff aid that she heard on the radio that there was a cabinet meeting. Sadly, she asked her aid if she {Clinton} can go.
  • The University of Missouri reached out to Clinton to speak at the opening of its women's hall of fame. She demanded $275K. The school balked and decided to go with Chelsea Clinton for a paltry $65,000 for a half-hour speech or about $2000/per minute. The school must have felt they got a deal.
  • In one email, she asked why Nixon met with Kissinger every day while she only met with Obama once a week. Ouch!
  • Obama officials like David Axelrod said they didn't know about Clinton's private email account yet he (and other officials) communicated with her on her private account.
There's more but who cares? Her supporters certainly don't. They know Clinton represents everything they say they oppose. But like most progressives, their first impulse is always reach for a lie.