Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels, Paris, London, ect. The Consequences Of Genuflecting To Political Correctness

Obama is currently on his international tour rewarding bad behavior...WH Press Secretary Tweet (parody)

I've often written that it takes more courage to be politically incorrect.  Unfortunately. most of the European Union has not heeded that advice.  Instead they've chosen to genuflect to political correctness.  Like Pres. Obama, most don't even utter the words: "Islamist Terrorism" or "Radical Islam."  Instead, we hear meaningless words and phrases as "militants" or just "terrorists."

It's been clear now for decades that Islamists are at war with the West.  No rational person can come to any other conclusion.  But what have we heard in the last several years?  Al-Qaida is on the run. ISIS is a JV team.  We will degrade ISIS.  We will destroy ISIS. And even those proclamations degenerated into "ISIS is a manageable problem."  Tell that to the victims of Brussels, of Paris, of London and of countless other regions that have been attacked by Islamist terrorists.

As I wrote over one year ago,  the promise of "Never Again" has morphed into "Over And Over Again."  We've seen this throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and even on our own soil.  In fact, it wasn't until last week that the Obama administration admitted there's been a genocide against Christians.  Even as Boko Haram slaughtered Christians throughout Nigeria for years,  much of the West and the press refused to admit it's been Christians who have largely been targets of their terrorism.

It also should surprise no one that Americans want a gunslinger as president not a bystander---not someone who only leads from behind.  For when an American president leads from behind, we witness tragic and horrific consequences like those in Brussels today. When we see a president erase his red lines, we watch as those red lines become soaked in blood.  Syria today is a classic example.

We're also watching as unvetted immigrants and migrants pose a serious security threat to our nations.  Europe particularly has experienced these threats and terror in the last decade. So has America.

We're facing an enemy that can be taken out. Most of the targets of ISIS have been soft targets. They attack innocent and usually unarmed civilians.  It's way beyond time for the West to unleash hell upon these homicidal savages.  They are an enemy of humanity.

This enemy can be destroyed.  We just need our leadership to understand it's time to take out the garbage and destroy it forever.  It's time to become politically incorrect. It's time to be courageous.