Monday, June 22, 2015

The Progressive Political Class: Profiles In Gutlessness

John Kerry: We will never surrender our freedom of speech to those various people I would rather not name...David Burge Tweet

I believe that most reasonable and honest observers among us would agree the Greatest Generation was a profile in courage. After all, that was a generation that took on two formidable enemies at the same time. They also kicked their asses in four years.

And while we still have the best military on the planet, we can't say the same for the progressive political class---Democrats and Republicans.

It was just three years ago this summer when Mr. Obama drew his now embarrassing  "red line" warning Syria on use of chemical weapons. He erased that red line and replaced it with red lines soaked in blood. Imagine if FDR and Churchill had done the same thing against the Japanese and the Germans. We can't.  But if they had erased their red lines, we might be experiencing a different reality today. One outcome is certain. They're wouldn't be a Jew left on the planet.

In today's world, we watch as progressives express outrage at almost everything to do with what made this nation great---but against our enemies?---not so much. In this country, as well as in most of Europe, we've witnessed feckless appeasement. It's so absurd---with few exceptions---cartoons about Islamist are forbidden. Even as Hollywood shows the dark side of humanity, it rarely includes the dark side of Islam. As ISIS beheads innocents and brutalizes gays, the progressive political class is more concerned whether bakers will serve same-sex couples. As Islamist brutalize women, the progressive political throws out bogus war on women rants against their political opposition.

Even today, Russia and China keep flipping us the bird. As recently as two weeks ago, Russian military aircraft made close aggressive passes at our warships. Last year, Russia invaded the Ukraine. China is building small islands in the South China Sea with runways capable of handling military aircraft.

Perhaps nowhere is this gutlessness more pervasive than with the black community. As they continue to chant "Black Lives Matter," dozens of black Americans are murdered in our cities each and every day. This past weekend alone, there were dozens of shootings and at least one death. In Philadelphia alone, 10 people were shot at a street party. In New York City approximately 60% of those murdered are black---usually by other blacks. And it doesn't take long for the gun control advocates---like Mr. Obama---to focus on guns. The problem is they rarely target ILLEGAL guns or the thugs. As far as I recall, owning an illegal weapon is just that---against the law. Then again, we've had a 40 year war on drugs. How's that working out? Or for that matter, how are those gun free zones working out? All they do is invite violence upon those who are unarmed. We watched that horror unfold last week in South Carolina as well as countless other places. The fact is mental illness and racism can't be outlawed. In addition, there are no guarantees that an illegal weapon will fall into the hands of someone who wants to do us harm. But how absurd is it when a political ideology refuses to let us defend ourselves from just those kinds of threats?

We've also witnessed the long love affair  the progressive political class has with thugs and terrorists. After all, these are some of the same people who still consider Che a hero. These are some of the same people who would rather see domestic terrorists walk on our streets again. It was Bill Clinton who commuted the sentences of 16 FALN members. As I mentioned in a previous post, the current speaker of NYC council advocated for the release of the leader of the FALN. This speaker is also the same nitwit who eulogized the death of a convicted terrorist. That's right. Isabel Rosado Morales was part of a Puerto Rican group of nationalists who attacked Congress in the House chamber in 1954. Five U.S. congressmen were shot and wounded. Morales was apprehended the next day. She was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Jimmy Carter pardoned four of the other terrorists. Notice a pattern?

The outcomes of all this fecklessness not only gives others (usually our enemies) the perception that we're weak. But all too often---it can lead to many innocents paying the ultimate price---their lives.

A Personal Note: Kudos to the people of S. Carolina especially the families of those murdered last week. They met evil with human kindness. Honestly, I don't know if I could exhibit that type of grace and forgiveness. But it's damn refreshing to know we still have many Americans who exhibit rare fortitude and character in the face of such evil. Their response is a genuine profile in courage. Oh, one more note: Al Sharpton---fuck you!