Tuesday, June 23, 2015

America's Love Affair With Bold-Faced, Shameless Liars

It's not a lie if nobody cares...George Costanza's list of lies

I'm not naive. I know politicians have been lying since the dawn of politics. But I think something has changed in the last 30 years. Many Americans now have a love affair with stone cold liars in the political class as well as with those in the media. 

Perhaps it started with Bill Clinton. It was clearly evident he lied. We watched it on our TV sets. Yet, for many, Bubba remains one of the most admired past presidents in American history. For that matter, he was still popular even as he lied to the nation.

And then Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton entered the political scene. 

With Obama, the number of lies and broken promises is immeasurable. From his promise to close Gitmo to the lies of ObamaCare (just yesterday, more information came to light regarding Gruber's involvement as the "architect" of the health care law) to his promises about open or transparent government, there are many. Yet, even with such a history of deceit, Mr. Obama was re-elected president.  During all these years, the presstitutes in the media kept Obama cloaked in bubble wrap. They still do.

We're quickly entering another phase of American politics with the approach of 2016 election. Hillary Clinton, another blatant and shameless liar, is running for president. Even more disturbing, many Americans continue to support her and will likely vote for her. Their intent comes on the heels of not only her total lack of accomplishments as both NY Sate Senator and Secretary of State, but also after the revelations of what happened in Benghazi, her email scandal and now the corruption associated with the Clinton Foundation. She---like Mr. Obama---is politically bankrupt. Even the fact that Bill Clinton, as Gov. of the State of Arkansas, signed an act honoring the Confederate flag doesn't seem to phase most of her supporters. She was First Lady of Arkansas. (It certainly doesn't appear to phase the knee-pad media since most  haven't reported on this fact even with their current obsession with the Confederate flag.)

America, let's stop deluding ourselves. A large portion of the country likes unprincipled, shameless liars. The proof is undeniable. George Costanza was right.